Target 20 Years of Design for All

Fall Fashion: Target Style

I was beyond excited to stumble upon Target’s 20 Years of Design for All collection. Boy oh boy did I stumble. Much to my chagrin I almost missed it. My dear sweet co-worker Jessica had to inform me Target was even doing this; totally almost missed this. And what exactly did they do, you ask?!

Ok, so, do you guys remember when Target started doing collaborations with high-end designers like Isaac Mizrahi, Tracy Reese, Marchesa Notte, Leila Rose and Jason Wu (just to name a few)?! Here’s a little trip down memory lane if you’re out of the loop.

Target 20 Years of Design for All

This time around Target decided to celebrate their collaborative genius in a collection dubbed 20 Years of Design for All.  The collection includes exclusive pieces from some of your favorite “high-end” designers.

Target 20 Years of Design for All

Target 20 Years of Design for All

I picked up several pieces from Isaac Mizrahi’s collection.

He’s one of my all time favorite designers. You will definitely see a few looks in those pieces. Anna Sui wasn’t on my radar at all for some reason, but she is now. I immediately feel in love with her designs. I knew I had to do a post about the collection and this dress would be the star.

Target 20 Years of Design for All

One of the highlights of this drop was the focus on size inclusion. Target and the designers made it clear this was intentional from the outset. Plus size models were featured front and center as well as mature models (60+); two extremely marginalized groups in the fashion world. The collection ranged from 2 to 22 (the sizing was indicated by a range of x-small to extra large and plus size). Target did not come to play. So you know I had to enlist the help of my bestie Amanda to make this post epic.

Channeling our inner Sasha Fierce.

This dress was giving me all kinds of Parisian feels so you know I had to find a location that reflected that. Hillwood Estates was exactly what I was looking for. The estate is located in Northwest DC. It was the summer/fall home to the late Marjorie Merriweather Post. You know you got a few coins when you have a “fall/summer” home…lol The estate boast several exquisite gardens. The French Parterre garden was definitely giving me the feels I needed, minus the plane ticket to France.

We shot in the rose garden as well as the Japanese garden. The entire estate is stunning and we took full advantage of it all.

Let’s get into this dress.

A shift dress can go waaaaaay left, like I look 6 months pregnant and I’m not. Or it can be an absolute hit, like this swing dress is giving you life and you look ultra chic. This one was a hit. This is definitely a formal wear piece that should be added to your collection of “what do I wear” dresses. The intricate lace detailing makes it ultra feminine. The collared neckline create a fresh, chic look. The bright blue ribbon on the collar screams vintage, the velvet gives it an extra touch of elegance. All in all this piece is a must have in my humble opinion. Stayed tuned for looks from the Isaac Mizrahi pieces I purchased.



Dress: Anna Sui x Target Collaboration

Makeup: Me

Photography: Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duo Images

Until next time folks…



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  1. Look at those gorgeous girls!!! I love this look…we look absolutely amazing in the beautiful hidden gem known as Hillwood Gardens!

  2. This is such a cute dress! I always find something I love at Target. Fun photoshoot too – I need to do more of these!

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