Hey gang! I hope everyone’s safe, happy, and surrounded by people they love. In the states we’ve slowed down a bit to do what we do best, eat, shop, and repeat!!! This post is all about shopping, small, local (if possible) and oh yeah BLACK!!! It is BLACK Friday after all, it’s kind of a no brainer in my opinion but I digress. I’m wearing the Kazuno sweater dress from Souk & Sepia in the photos below; a black-owned, online boutique. They have a huge sale going on right now, up to 45% (on select items) which is huge for a boutique shop. Side-bar, this photo was taken at Longwood Gardens. Longwood gardens puts Hillwood Gardens (a local D.C. garden and museum) to shame; visit both and then we can debate it.

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Everybody good?! Stressed out from last week?! Take a moment and breathe, you survived election week. It wouldn’t be 2020 if it wasn’t strange. I’m personally grateful there weren’t any riots in the streets, like a lot of people thought. Notwithstanding a few ballots that still need to be tallied it seems the United States has chosen a new person for the office of the Executive. Let me put a disclaimer on this thing right now, this isn’t a showing of support for any particular party or any candidate. It’s simply the musings of fashionista, for what that’s worth.


Jill Biden donned the facemask below, with the words BREATHE POSITIVITY sown into it, during her husband’s acceptance speech. I thought how cool is this, a message I can relate to. A simple, clear, colorful and timely message during very uncertain times for so many. As I struggle with how much content to put out about fashion, style or beauty, let’s face it we’re in perilous times where people can’t make their mortgages or buy food, none of those things are really all that important in the grand scheme of things. But it’s little fashion moments like this that remind me how important breathing life, light, and positivity into the cypher really is. If there was ever a time for us to breathe a bit of positivity in the world, it’s right now.

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