The Splurge

The Splurge- The AI Edition

It’s absolutely shameful I haven’t given you guys an update on at least one of my splurges all year. Don’t fret here’s a good one. I took advantage of the Andrea Iyamah sunset sale in July. I splurged on a few things mostly because I didn’t think I was going to make it to Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour, but I did which was also a splurge as well, but that’s a story worthy of it’s very on blog post. Stay tuned for more, it’s been an expensive summer.

One of my baby sisters sent me a link to the Eros Escape Tote Bag back in January. I was on a “spending freeze” essentials only, so I said nope I’m not gonna do it, especially not at the retail price. I waited months for a sale worthy of my coin. My patience paid off in July. Andrea (she and I are dear friends in my head) had one of the biggest sales of the season, 40% the entire site no exclusions. Talk about X-mas in July. I snatched up everything I had my eye on since January and the rest is history. She’s currently running an end of season 30% off sale, exclusions apply.

Eros Tote

Taka Mesh Mini Skirt

Behati Top

Deko Robe