I love the month of February for a plethora of reasons. First it’s Black History Month and I love US. We also get some of the best fashion of the year for V-day. Let me be clear Valentine’s day is for suckers! I do not approve of the commercialism of it all and I want flowers and love everyday…lol And that’s my PSA for the day. But I do get a kick out of all the pink, red, and burgundy looks that come my way. It’s a wonderful assault on the senses. And we can talk about all the floral arrangements and installations that will most certainly flood our time lines this week.

Pretty In Pink
Taking over Lee’s Flowers Gift Shop!

Lee’s Flower Gift Shop

If you live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) you can have the most beautiful flowers delivered to you from Lee’s Flower and Card Shop anytime you want and I want ALL THE FLOWERS. Lee’s has in been in business since 1945, it’s a black owned, family business in the heart of the district.

I stopped into Lee’s for some rose petals and flowers for the look you see before you. And as good fortune would have it I stumbled into the cutest little gift shop I ever did see. The space was curated so beautifully, I had to ask if I could take a few pics in the shop for this look. The owner humbly obliged. Everyone was so hospitable and welcoming. I really love US!!!. They have a new forever customer in me!

I also discovered the dopiest all natural/eco friendly air fresheners, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. The shop features an all natural line called Eco Daisy Home by Dr. Priscilla Johnson. Dr. Johnson is sprinkling her black girl magic all over us with her bomb air fresheners and household supplies, y’all better get into it. Rest assured a product review is coming your way.

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The Arrival

What can I say about this coat?! For starters I need another coat like I need a hole in my head…lol But here we are with yet another fab and fun frock.

The Arrival Blanknyc

I just couldn’t resist the urge on this one. I was a bit hesitant about buying this coat especially since some of the biggest influencers and stylist in the game have been photographed in this very same coat. But clearly it wasn’t just intended for them so I went ahead and grabbed that thang right off of

This is a BlankNYC special.

BlankNYC dubbed this beauty the “Arrival.

Chile they can do some faux fur let me TELL YOU!!! And they certainly didn’t disappoint with the Arrival.

Sherpa Hoodie

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