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Summer is officially here gang! Nothing says summer like palm prints. You know I had to style little miss Laila Janie and Jack’s Ruffle Strap Palm Print dress. This dress is giving all kinds of sassy fun in the sun. This dress is 100% cotton, which means little ones with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about the “itches”. Laila is one of those children and this dress has received the Laila Beale stamp of approval. This print has matching family styles, meaning if you have an infant, boy, or girl there’s a style in this print for them as well. For all the coordinating mamas this makes life a lot easier. We decided to shoot at the U.S. National Arboretum. It’s a beautiful little oasis on the edge of D.C. Sadly the arboretum and this dress is probably the closest we’ll get to any kind of a tropical setting this summer.

We paired this dress with the Metallic Strap Sandal. The sandals complimented the dress quite nicely. These sandals are easy to get on and off. They feature a traditional hole-strap with several notches for growth. I hope we get another summer out of these sandals but the way she keeps growing it’s highly unlikely. They’ll be a very nice hand-me-down to a cousin or friend.

Ruffle Palm Print Dress by Janie and Jack
Look at all this black girl joy.

Metallic Strap Sandal

Now you all maybe wondering why the heck I don’t have on any shoes… Funny story I forgot them.

Barefoot and care free.

The day of the shoot I walked out of the house with flip flops. I totally forgot the shoes I planned on wearing. The show must go on, right?! Yes, it certainly does. I did make the terrible mistake of walking bare foot on concrete in the picture below; know that I burned my toes. Anything for the shot.

Ruffle Strap Palm Print
The Columns at the US National Arboretum

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it’s the first of many with our new partner, Janie and Jack (this is a sponsored post).



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