I love the month of February for a plethora of reasons. First it’s Black History Month and I love US. We also get some of the best fashion of the year for V-day. Let me be clear Valentine’s day is for suckers! I do not approve of the commercialism of it all and I want flowers and love everyday…lol And that’s my PSA for the day. But I do get a kick out of all the pink, red, and burgundy looks that come my way. It’s a wonderful assault on the senses. And we can talk about all the floral arrangements and installations that will most certainly flood our time lines this week.

Pretty In Pink
Taking over Lee’s Flowers Gift Shop!

Lee’s Flower Gift Shop

If you live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) you can have the most beautiful flowers delivered to you from Lee’s Flower and Card Shop anytime you want and I want ALL THE FLOWERS. Lee’s has in been in business since 1945, it’s a black owned, family business in the heart of the district.

I stopped into Lee’s for some rose petals and flowers for the look you see before you. And as good fortune would have it I stumbled into the cutest little gift shop I ever did see. The space was curated so beautifully, I had to ask if I could take a few pics in the shop for this look. The owner humbly obliged. Everyone was so hospitable and welcoming. I really love US!!!. They have a new forever customer in me!

I also discovered the dopiest all natural/eco friendly air fresheners, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. The shop features an all natural line called Eco Daisy Home by Dr. Priscilla Johnson. Dr. Johnson is sprinkling her black girl magic all over us with her bomb air fresheners and household supplies, y’all better get into it. Rest assured a product review is coming your way.

The Fit: Pretty in Pink

Amazon The Drop has been doing so many dope collaborations with your favorite influencer’s favorite influencers. Among the latest collection is Ellenor Kim’s (Spread Fashion is her IG) collaboration with The Drop. So since I’m on my new found comfy and cute vibe, I had to grab the sweat shirt and skirt from the collection.

Fab and Feathered, PRETTY IN PINK
Never met a boa feather I didn’t like

Here’s a little background on how Amazon the Drop works. The collections are “dropped” on a made to order basis and it’s only available for like a day and a half. No doubt Amazon is saving tons on production and promotion with these collaborations while simultaneously creating affordable and stylish pieces for the masses. We see what ya’ll doing Amazon; pretty clever.

Giving Face
Giving major face

Check for returns

The Spread Fashion collection dropped last month and unfortunately it’s no longer available. Crazy people are known to return stuff, so check the site for returns you may get lucky. And don’t be too discouraged, just stay glued to my IG stories for the next bomb “Drop” from Amazon and an update on pieces from this collection. I’m here for you. 

Give'em a llittle shimmy
Whenever there are ruffles involved I’m going to do a shimmy.
Look back at it…lol

If I’m being honest the sweat shirt isn’t as pink in real life as it photographs. It has some gray undertones but it still pairs extremely well with the skirt. The skirt isn’t made of sweat shirt material, it’s cotton (on the thinner side), just a different blend. I love the asymmetrical cut of this skirt and the ruffles give me all kinds of life. So I’m extremely happy with both pieces.

Beret Season, PRETTY IN PINK
Love the asymmetrical cut of this skirt

The boots you’ve seen before (if you follow me on IG) and you will see them again. I certainly didn’t buy them to wear once…lol They are a Vince Camuto masterpiece. For my ladies, I will caution you if you have any kind of calf muscle, buyer beware when it comes to VC’s boots. If my calf was any bigger these boots would be super slouchy booties, lol. Fortunately I’m not and they fit great.


This purse!!!!

Can we talk about it for a second tho! This purse is by Coach. Each and every time I wear this bag, I get tons of compliments. It’s so unique, the color is so pretty, where did you get it? I got it online, actually bought right through Coach’s IG page. Because IG is the devil it came across my timeline in a sponsored post. Knowing I didn’t own anything like it (I promise I don’t) I kinda had to have it and it was on sale, sale. The great thing about Coach purses they have amazing resale value, provided you take good care of them. You can’t loose with Coach, that’s just my humble opinion.

That’s all I have for now ladies and gents… Until next time…



Photo credit: Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duos photography

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