Why am I obsessed with Ocessories?!

It’s simple they are the chicest, most stylish, affordable arm candy on the market, PERIOD! Since you’re here, I’m guessing you value my opinion so trust me when I say you can’t go wrong picking up a set of these beautiful beaded bracelets.


In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month aka Pink-tober, Ocessories is honoring all the warriors who are fighting the fight against breast cancer with a special set of bracelets; the Owareness set. Om is all in y’all! She dyed her hair PINK; now that’s what I call committment!!! Get yours today!!! Let’s kick cancer’s butt!!!


I am also thrilled to share the Q&A between me and my girl, Omneisia Evans; owner of Ocessories. Omneisia and I have been friends since high school. Om (what her franns call her), is THEE definition of a M.I.L.F (Mom I’d Like To Follow). She is an educator, published author, boss babe, girl ceo; she is every word that describes a visionary entrepreneur. Needless to say I’m a big fan and cheerleader. I’m beyond excited to share this with you all. Without further ado, let’s get into this Q&A.



IVN: What inspired you to start Ocessories?

O!: Russel Simmons made a beaded Malachite bracelet (a mineral used for decorative purposes, in this instance jewelry design) for charity. My intent was to purchase one, but when I saw it in person, I said my infamous line, ‘I can do that.’ It literally started from that thought.

IVN: What sets O!cessories apart from the other bracelet lines, the Pandora’s and Alex and Ani’s of the world? 

O!: O!cessories sets itself apart from Pandora and Alex and Ani by the array of hues we feature. I feel like the blend of all three (Pandora, Alex and Ani and of course Ocessories) makes and an intriguing wrist. However O!cessories bracelets are built on color, style, and charm. They are fashion forward when mixed with chains and dangling charms.

IVN: I love that you can totally mix Ocessories with any of the others; Pandora, Alex and Ani, etc. I feel like you don’t even have to compete with those other brands, you all can coexist and still be great, don’t you agree?

O!: I agree whole heartedly, because O!cessories bracelets are made of natural healing beads and stones, to create a flawless blend. I feel there is definitely a spot for our brand amongst the others. You can choose O!cessories free of avoiding one to wear the other. While they are amazing and can definitely stand alone, why not add them to party of other amazing designers.

Hey Sis

IVN: Your sets are so unique, beautifully curated and crafted. Which leads me to my next question how do you go about choosing your the designs for your bracelets?

O!: There’s no specific method I take to design. When designing I’m focused on placement of where the charms will fall on the bracelet. I figured that out by constructing the bracelet, it’s no other way to design beaded bracelets; you have to put them on the string, you have to see them. The key is placement!

Locked In

IVN: How do you balance your career as, an educator, being mother to, two WHOLE children, one with a super active schedule, a wife and running a full fledged business? How do you do it sis?

O!: Pacing and consistency are my two favorite words in answering this question. Sometimes I amaze myself at how I’m able to do so many things that are important to me. I realized that all things need a break even down to being mom. While may not be able to give everything 100%, I have learned how to focus on the task at hand and give that 100%. Being consistent everyday with the children everyday, reminding them that I’m there for them, reaffirming that with something as simple our daily group hug keeps us afloat. Even if I don’t bead, I do something positive to ensure my business continues to grow. I may just post content on social media to remain consistent with my marketing strategies. I also realized work is a priority.

IVN: Where do you want to take O!cessories next? What does vision 2020 look like for O!cessories?

For 2020 I have some practical goals. I want to improve the website’s overall performance by curating and building the members only section of the site. I’d like to provide a dynamic  customer appreciation experience by way of an annual soiree. My biggest goal is to create a database, to not only drive sales, but to build a sisterhood connected by our wrists.

The Look

Arm Candy: Ocessories

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T- Shirt: Gifted Apparel

Glasses & Boots: Gucci

Photo credit: Dynamic Duo Images, Shot by Kaneisha Johnson

Until next time loves,