It’s our 3 year anniversary gang! This past year has been A LOT!!! Between you, me and the walls I didn’t wanted to throw in the towel on the blog, for a number of reasons. At the height of the pandemic it seemed silly, dare I say insensitive to post about fashion and fun when some many people were sick, suffering, and quite literally dying. So many people are still struggling just to make ends meet. However instead of throwing the baby in with the bath water I decided to pivot, because that’s what champions do they adjust.


people Jumping for Joy celebrating ivn turns 3
Jumping for joy!! IVN turns 3!!!

I’m so glad I made the decision not to quit, not to give up on my dreams, not to give up on the community we’ve built. The IVN community is small but thoroughly engaged, something you can’t find just anywhere. It’s really all about the engagement and adding value. It will be so cool to have big brand sponsorships and an enormous following on all my social media platforms one day, but having an attentive and engaged audience is what I’m most proud of and how I measure our success. You guys allow me to experiment and grow without being pigeon-hold to one genre or niche. At it’s core this blog is definitely about fashion but you all let me share everything and I appreciate that more than words can express.

woman leaning on a wall with red and green paint celebrating ivn turns 3
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Hey gang! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still on and popping!!! I promised a shoe edit, well here you go!! This edit includes shoes, boots, booties, and slippers.

The Comfort Zone

And our first category for the evening is comfort. Nothing beats a good house shoe. I love me a good Ugg slipper, I love them even more when they are on sale. Ugg slippers usually retail for a $100 or more, trust me the discount this sale offers is definitely significant.

1.Ugg Cozette Slide– This slide comes in several colors, however the brighter, bolder colors are currently are only a part of the anniversary sale.

2.Ugg Sherling Slipper– This slipper also comes in several colors, however the brighter, bolder colors are currently are only a part of the anniversary sale.

Sexy Lady Sandals

These Vince Camuto sandals are giving major Bottega Veneta vibes without the Bottega price tag. The shoe comes in three different colors. Steve Madden also has Bottega-like sandal, the Kenley (not on sale) but worth the purchase.

Schutz Strappy Sandal- this sandal is great alternative to the higher-end all be it iconic Stuart Weitzman strappy sandal. I own several pair of Schutz shoes/boots and they are worth their weight in gold. The shoes are always well padded, adding extra comfort which equals extra wear time. Let’s face it after the age of 30 all heels have a shelf life of 30-60 minutes.

Booties & Boots

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