2 Ways to WEAR a LONG COAT

The temperature has dropped below 50 degrees consistently enough for me to break out the long coat. How about you?! Truth be told I bought the coat featured in this post at the beginning of the pandemic. I anticipated wearing it to the office during the fall (wishful thinking). But I’m not going to let a little pandemic spoil my fashion fun. So I decided to share a few tips on how to style your long coat this season. One day when the world opens up again, this ALL will be very useful information, I promise.


***Style tip: Traditionally long/dress coats are “formal wear” but they can be dressed up or down by simply switching out your heels for sneakers or your favorite flats. And for the finale switch out your button down with your favorite hoodie… Voila you have a whole new look.***

I’m giving you guys two Instagram worthy looks where I did just that; referring to the style tip. So I hope this gives you some inspo as you think about what to wear, or not wear, all things lounge-wear are completely appropriate given the times. But if you feel like leveling up for the next family get-together aka Zoom call 3,001, let this be your inspiration. I’m not complaining but I’m complaining. I know we have to use technology to communicate with family and friends outside our households, given the state of the world.

However, I log quite a bit of screen time between my 9-5, this blog, managing all my social media accounts, worship, and family calls. So by the end of the week I’m usually pretty burnt out. I say all of that to say, it could be far worst. We could be in the middle of season one of the Walking Dead, we might just be after this vaccine is released, who knows, until then enjoy the fashion folks…

Dressed Up

Items available for purchase:

Pants and Vest, Halogen X Atlantic Pacific at Nordstrom

Dressed Down

Items available for purchase:

Hoodie, similar white jeans, Old Navy (Yes I shop at Old Navy… Try not to faint)

Platform leather Converse



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