Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit

EVERYBODY Matters Swimsuit Edition 2020

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I couldn’t let the best month of the year pass without an everyBODY matters edit. Amanda and I are back at it in our mission to promote body positivity in fashion. Our category of choice for this one, swimsuits! Just so you know, you’re looking at 6 births and several C-sections between the two of us (3 for Amanda alone). Finding a swim suit that complimented our back fat, stretch marks, and some more stuff wasn’t easy. We wanted to celebrate all of that, however we still wanted to look fabulous doing it. I found the suits and Amanda was definitely the creative director for this shoot. She had the looks, the poses, and a shot plan. I think she might have knack for this guys.

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Rainbows and Sunshine
Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Tie Dye Fine Right here folks
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YRAA The Brand- Featuring the Pressé Nail Collection

Hey gang I hope everyone is in good health and staying sane during these turbulent times. There is just so much going on in world right now I wanted to share something light and beautiful with you. In my continued quest to ensure cute isn’t cancelled during this pandemic and quite frankly to step up my own nail game, I discovered the most adorable press-on nail line- Pressé by YRAA (Your Rich @$$ Auntie). YRAA, very tongue and cheeky I know, it’s the name that got me, it’s my favorite kind of auntie…lol YRAA is a black owned and operated business that features an affordable press-on nail line as well hats and furs; Fall 2020 loading so stay tuned.

YRAA Press-On Nail Collection
Presse Nails by YRAA

YRAA Press-On Nail Collection

What I love about YRAA is that they are not just nails! They are huge advocates for financial literacy, hence the Rich Auntie part. They provide financial gems with each product sold, making sure the Rich Aunties stay RICH! And nothing gives Rich Auntie vibes like a set of custom press-on nails.

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Another Maxi Moment

Chen Burkett Original
So I’m sharing another maxi moment. This time around it’s the maxi skirt that’s giving me life. The skirt is a Chen Burkett original. Chen’s designs are often imitated but never duplicated. This particular print has been replicated by tons of online boutiques but I doubt any have ever come close to the quality and craftsmanship of her pieces. This skirt also has one of my favorite features, POCKETS!!! Pockets and a beautiful Ankara print, you really can’t ask for more. When the talented India Kea asked me to shoot with her I knew I had to incorporate this skirt into the look. Of course I’m rocking my Ocessories Warrior bracelets.  The Lagos earrings are from Gifts from Virgo, we’re giving David Yurman vibes without the price tag; that’s called winning. 

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If you know me, you know I love the Summer season. One of my favorite things about the summer is all the straw, the straw hats and bags to be exact. I’m definitely a hat girl. Skirts with ruffles also bring me lots of joy. It’s the best of both worlds in this post. I’m giving all kinds of Kentucky Derby vibes in this one. I think we all can agree I will be more than ready for the Derby if and when the world returns to normal.

straw hat and bag

This skirt is a J Crew score, it’s currently SOLD OUT. As you can imagine it was an extremely popular piece. I know, I’m terrible, I’m bit late getting this post out. Have no fear you can find a cute and a bit more affordable option here.

straw hat and bag season


The straw bag was a gift, but you find a nice alternative here.

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A Maxi Moment by STAUD

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Ok who doesn’t love a good maxi dress. I’m having a total maxi moment in this STAUD dress!!! If you’re fun-sized (short) like me, the length of a maxi dress can be a little scary but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I picked up this beauty at Nordstrom. And this dress was on sale, SALE!!! Speaking of Nordstrom, do you guys want me to do a Nordstrom Annual sale rundown?! It is one of the biggest sales of the year and there are sure to be some good finds. Many of you are holding to your coins and I completely understand that, so if it doesn’t make sense we won’t waste our time, let me know in the comments.

Staud Maxi Dress

STAUD Maxi Dress

This stunner caught my eye because of the bold and beautiful summer colors. It fits true to size (I purchased a size small), of course it drags the floor a bit, again I’m fun-sized. However I still won’t be getting this tailored. I love the drama of the dress dusting the floor, that’s why God created four inch heels, am I right?! This dress feels like a dream on, the material is light-weight and flowy, perfect for your next social distance brunch or meet up. Unfortunately the dress sold out as soon as I posted it on social media. I’m not saying that was due to me, but I do feel like I helped things along. Fear not, I have some great alternatives, there’s a list at the end of the post.

Staud Maxi Dress

I added the Gifts from Virgo Butterfly Tennis Necklace to the ensemble to give the look a bit more whimsy. This necklace is definitely giving Mariah Carey butterfly vibes. The butterfly isn’t molded to the necklace so you can remove it and wear the necklace alone; winning!!!

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