We are thrilled to be a part of Ocessories summer 2020 launch of its newest collection-  The Warrior. This collection features some of my favorite designs to date. Each collection is also near and dear to designer Omneisia Evans heart but this line speaks to the warrior spirit inside of every women- the power, strength, beauty and drive. At a time where we could all use a little “pretty” in our worlds this line does that for me. Each set also tells a story and speaks to the very nature of what it means to be a woman; soft yet strong, powerful but gentle, fierce but calm. Oh the duality of being a woman. Women are multi-faceted and this line highlights that in each set.

This launch also features a new addition to the brand, anklets. I had the pleasure of chatting with Omneisia about the line, check out interview below. We talk about the brand, the collection and where Ocessories is headed. In addition, Omneisia is more transparent and intentional about her vision for the brand than ever before. You can view the entire collection below as well as commentary on my favorites. I also have a treat for you guys. Ocessories has created an exclusive discount code for the IVN family. So use the discount code IVNWARRIOR to save some coins at checkout!!!

Ocessories The Warrior Collection Interview

Ocessories The Warrior Collection

The Warrior

Ocessories The Warrior collection
The Warrior- This set is probably top amongst my top three favorites in this collection. And the bead selection and placement was so intentional here. Nudes are usually subtle but they are definitely making a statement. Strength ,beauty, and feminine energy at the same time.


Ocessories The Warrior collection
Strength- The name of this set speaks for itself. The use of turquoise is also nod to the designers Native American ancestry. Paying homage to rich history of power, strength, and beauty Native Americans brought and continue to bring to our society.


O!cean- The is set is definitely giving me beach vibes. The blue coy fish reminds you to relax a bit. This set is a reminder that tranquility and peace are very necessary.


IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Fire- If the sun wasn’t hot enough this summer you can add a few flames to the summer with set. Any room you walk in will be set ablaze with these beauties on your arm.


IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Rosay- Who doesn’t love a good Rosay during the summer. This one takes me back to Nikki Beach- Miami. Dancing in the rain with a glass of slushy Rosay in my hand. Life’s always better with some Rosay in your glass or on your arm


IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Flowers- The flowers are in full bloom right now and so is this set. So if you want to stand out and been seen, this bloom is definitely the way to go.


IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Arrow- Point your arrow is the direction you want to go and you’ll never miss your mark. The set also definitely hits the mark with simple elegance.


IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Enough. We’ve all had about ENOUGH…Enough of quarantine, injustice, distance learning but this set is reminder to stand your ground and say enough is enough. I usually do that with a glass of wine. Choose your own coping mechanism…lol

Dream Set

IVN Ocessories The Warrior collection
Dream Set (Part 1 of 3). The Dream Set is dedicated to all loved ones who have been taken from us far too soon. And the nod to the angelic in this set reminds us to cherish the memories of the dearly departed and remember they are in always with us through fond and heartfelt memories.


The Dream Set (Part 2 of 3)

Dream Set
Dream Set (Part 1 of 3)

The Anklets

The anklets are just fun addition to any summer look and beyond. You also can’t beat the price point. So these beauties are a no brainer.

Until next time family…



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