I sincerely hope everyone is doing well. Life in quarantine has been taxing on us all. Check on your extroverted friends, they are not ok…lol. We’ve all been trying to manage as well as we can. One of the ways I’ve been coping is by imagining life post-quarantine. Where will I go? What will I see? What will I do once outside reopens? Most importantly (for a fashionista) what will I be wearing on all my adventures post lockdown?! I’ve been prepping for my spring debut ya’ll. Oh what a show I’m going to put on?!

Some people don’t mind spending a few more pennies on that yummy potato bread whereas others could care less. They just need something to hold the meat and  cheese together. The same applies to fashion, some of us are more discerning than others. One thing is for sure we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for affordability, there’s a happy medium and that’s where fast fashion comes in.

Fast Fashion Picks

I tend to do a little dance between lux and affordable pieces. This look is a prime example of the Cha Cha slide I do between lux and affordable.

fast fashion picks
fast fashion picks

Here are my top picks on fast fashion brands, IG (Instagram) Boutiques, and online stores I’ve come to know and love.

My Online Loves



If you know me, you know I’m a certified sneaker head. Don’t let the ultra chic clothes and shoes I pose and prance around in fool you.  Either I’m dressed to the nines or I look like a 5th Ave. hobo (5th Ave NYC- the street that features every high brand/designer known to man). 5th Ave hobos just dress better, it’s 5th Ave they have to, I don’t make the rules.

Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

Since we’re all cooped up in our homes I figured there was no better time to show off my babies- my modest sneaker collection. By why of collections I’d say this is rather subdued. There are crazy people who have hundreds of pairs of sneakers. I’m not one of those crazy people (at least not for that reason), I may have 20 pairs tops.

Sneaker Love - Air Jordan Sneaker Collection

I love all kinds of sneakers, fashion, athletic, I’m here for it all.

But the Air Jordan brand holds a very special place in my heart. Being one of nine children I’m total (my parents kept going after they separated) there wasn’t a whole lot of money for $100+ sneakers. Although I think it had more to do with the fact that my dad refused to put another dime into Nike’s pockets especially when kids starting killing each other for them in the hood. My mother was no help either, she hates sneakers, she thinks they are ugly. She might own two pair, if that. She was willing to buy me any dress shoe I wanted but she could not bring herself to buy a pair of ‘ugly sneakers’, in her words.

My lil Air Jordan Sneaker Collection
Sneaker Head Paradise
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Cute Is Not Cancelled

Hey guys! I hope everyone is maintaining during this difficult time. I have to admit I started to become a bit undone last week with working remotely, setting up full-on distance learning, working out our finances, and no vacation. Admittedly these are all first world problems. I am extremely grateful to have a job that allows me to work remotely, kids who aren’t in the early years of primary school (God help those parents, just keeping my kids on task has been a challenge) and an amazing partner and husband who makes sure I don’t spend all the money. I’m definitely among the fortunate.

However I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed about missing out on a few things. I was really looking forward to a well-deserved vacation and some time at the beach. And I love the feeling of sand between my toes. Don’t ask me to going camping, glamping or hiking, because the answer will most assuredly be, no, no thank you. I’d have to like you a WHOLE lot to do any of those things for fun. No sir, give me a white sandy beach, a drank or four, nothing to do but maybe read and I’m happy as a bug in rug.

So how do you deal with all this disappointment?

One sure-fire way is by keeping up with your routine. Don’t stop doing the normal things; shower, brush your teeth. Another way is not forgetting to take care of YOU. A little bit of selfcare goes a long way. If I’m being completely honest I may have gotten dressed-dressed, once in the last 3 weeks. Sweats and hoodies don’t equate to getting dressed for me. And let’s not even talk about this hair. It’s been in some variation of a messy bun or messy fro since we’ve been on lockdown. I finally decided enough is enough. I’m going to get my entire life together. So I washed and dried my hair. I washed, braided, and beaded Laila’s hair too. I was on a roll. But I stopped short of flat ironing my own hair so I could record a little product review on one of my favorite hair straightening tools, the Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat-iron; hit the link below for my product review video.
Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat iron

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