Cute Is Not Cancelled

Hey guys! I hope everyone is maintaining during this difficult time. I have to admit I started to become a bit undone last week with working remotely, setting up full-on distance learning, working out our finances, and no vacation. Admittedly these are all first world problems. I am extremely grateful to have a job that allows me to work remotely, kids who aren’t in the early years of primary school (God help those parents, just keeping my kids on task has been a challenge) and an amazing partner and husband who makes sure I don’t spend all the money. I’m definitely among the fortunate.

However I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed about missing out on a few things. I was really looking forward to a well-deserved vacation and some time at the beach. And I love the feeling of sand between my toes. Don’t ask me to going camping, glamping or hiking, because the answer will most assuredly be, no, no thank you. I’d have to like you a WHOLE lot to do any of those things for fun. No sir, give me a white sandy beach, a drank or four, nothing to do but maybe read and I’m happy as a bug in rug.

So how do you deal with all this disappointment?

One sure-fire way is by keeping up with your routine. Don’t stop doing the normal things; shower, brush your teeth. Another way is not forgetting to take care of YOU. A little bit of selfcare goes a long way. If I’m being completely honest I may have gotten dressed-dressed, once in the last 3 weeks. Sweats and hoodies don’t equate to getting dressed for me. And let’s not even talk about this hair. It’s been in some variation of a messy bun or messy fro since we’ve been on lockdown. I finally decided enough is enough. I’m going to get my entire life together. So I washed and dried my hair. I washed, braided, and beaded Laila’s hair too. I was on a roll. But I stopped short of flat ironing my own hair so I could record a little product review on one of my favorite hair straightening tools, the Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat-iron; hit the link below for my product review video.
Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat iron

Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion Flat-Iron

I love this Kim Kimble Vapor Infusion flat-iron because it doesn’t burn or dry my hair out. For most women of color, who have natural (no chemical straighteners), it’s important that their natural curl or coil isn’t altered too much during the straightening process. In my experience this flat-iron doesn’t alter my natural curl too much. Let’s face it any heat is going to change your texture, that’s a fact, but this flat-iron allows my natural curl to snap back in no time with minimal heat damage.

The flat-iron comes with a glove to protect your hands from the steam and heat from the vapor, a silk argan oil solution and an extra vapor cartridge. If you do purchase this flat-iron, don’t be like me, be gentle with the cartridges. I broke both cartridges because I didn’t follow the recommendation to remove it when I wasn’t using the vapor portion of the flat iron. I’ve resorted to duct-taping the cartridge to keep it in place; again first world problems.

Listen, this thing retails at $130.

I intend on getting my money’s worth. Speaking of money, I purchased this on the Home Shopping Network- HSN, which offers flex pay: Flex-pay allows you to pay in three easy installments (forgive me I said five in the video)for your purchase. So if you cringed at the thought of dropping $100+ on a flat-iron don’t; you can break up the payments over time. Quite frankly it’s good investment I’ve had this flat-iron for over two years and I have no complaints. So my hair’s straight for now. I look good and feel good. As it turns out cute is not cancelled, everything else is but not cute. Now if I could manage to do those two jumping-jacks I’ve been promising my bestie I’d be on a real roll…lol

Stay safe, be well, and remember to take care of yourselves.

Fist bumps… Blame it on Corona!


4 thoughts on “Cute Is Not Cancelled

  1. You’ve convinced me to check out the flat iron. But I’m conflicted because I rarely straighten my hair 🤔

  2. I haven’t fully let myself go, but I’m not my usual self either. I’m mostly in leggings or joggers and a tank or t-shirt. I do wash my face and brush my teeth. I am going to get fancy next weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

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