Drea Does Dallas, Part 1

So I’ve wanted to do a post about a big mama splurge for a while now but I had to find something worthy of the post. I think I hit the bullseye with this one guys. But first let’s talk mommy-guilt.

Mommy-guilt can manifest itself in many different ways but one of the most profound is the feeling that you don’t deserve or need something REALLY nice, i.e. that Louie bag or those Loubs, or that new power suit you had your eye on for months because you feel like your child or children, will undoubtedly need something. Who are you to be spending money on yourself? I SAY FIGHT THE FEELING LADIES!!! Children, will always, always, ALWAYS need something. A bath, a meal, new teeth, new lungs (my kid has asthma, I wish we could buy her new lungs), the point is they WILL always need something; so LIVE a little and forget about those kids, at least until you finish shopping.

Stuart Weitzman Boots

Stuart Weitzman boots

So I took my own advice and bought my very first pair of Stuart Weitzman boots! A pair of Stuey’s can run you a good $800 easily. I’m proud to say I did not pay $800 for my Edie’s. I knew I needed these in my life, they are named after my little sister for God-sakes. She’s special, they’re special, it was meant to be. So I waited for a dope sale and got them for WAYYYY less. Don’t ask me how much less, just less…lol

When I was asked by Dynamic Duos Images to be their model for a photo walk and studio session in Dallas, you know I had to bring my new babies with me. I got to carry my “Edie” around once again…lol. However the Edie’s weren’t the only star of the show, I bought a colorful shaggy/fringy (it’s debatable in some circles) cardigan for a little extra umph.

I’m giving you all kinds of street style in this one folks.

If you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed I don’t limit myself to one style. I can do street styles, business, trendier looks, because I wear what I like (exercising modesty and grace of course) and you should too! I do lean towards more polished looks but I do like to mix it up every once and awhile. That’s the beauty of fashion, you can mix it up, always keep them guessing. “Nobody puts babe in a corner!”

With that said, we shot several different looks during our little Dallas adventure. You’ll see more looks and hear all about Dallas; the good, bad, and the ugly. Yes there was some ugly. Let’s just say my first experience staying at an Airbnb was interesting. So prepare yourselves for the Drea Does Dallas series, this is Part 1. Enjoy!

Stuart Weitzman boots

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Who said you winter has to be drab?! As you know I love bold and bright colors. This winter in color post is all about the looks I put together for a photo walk/studio session I was asked to join a few weeks ago. My go to photographer Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duo Images asked me to be her model for the event and I didn’t hesitate.

What I love about the ladies at Dynamic Duo Images is that they haven’t rested on their laurels. They continue to hone their skills through collaborating and seeking the knowledge of more experienced and skilled artist and photographers.  It was an absolute pleasure working with all the photographers during the studio session and photo walk.

I was asked to put together a business/business casual look and an edgy look for the shoot; this is what I came up with.


The Business Look

I’ve had all the pieces for this look for a little while now so they aren’t going to be readily available. The pants are a apart of a set purchased at Asos. The shoes are from Zara. The top is from Banana Republic, my go to for fun button down shirts. You should be able to find similar options and if not reach out I’d be happy to help.

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