Summer ain’t over but it’s definitely winding down. Is it me or is it already getting darker earlier?! I’m not ready for the dreariness that is the fall and winter months. I love me some sunshine! I definitely live in the wrong part of the world. New mission try and figure out how I can get closer to the equator. With the Amazon burning we all but doomed; just kidding… a little. You guys didn’t come here for all that, let’s get into this look already, am I right?!

trench coat with shorts vibe

trench coat with shorts vibe

As we make the transition to Fall I thought I’d give you a little bit of that confused California Girl with a trench coat with shorts vibe. Am I hot or am I cold?! I don’t know, I’m so confused…lol I kid, I kid. This is the conversation I imagine people have with themselves when they pair the two. In actuality we’re just in between seasons trying to make it werk right?! I’m gonna go with that.

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Summer Ain’t Over Just Yet-Part Two

Hey guys welcome to the second installment of my Summer Ain’t Over Just Yet series. This post features my twin sister, Alex! Fun fact the day of this shoot she just finished working 18 of the last 24 hours. Does she sleep, occasionally we take extended naps. Team No Sleep forever!!! If you know you know. But seriously when OT (overtime) calls you gotta answer sometimes. To be clear she wasn’t scheduled to work when we initially discussed  shooting. I wouldn’t be so inconsiderate of her time to ask her to come shoot with me after such a long work day… Wait who am I kidding I just might ask, I mean she can always say no right?! Picture that happening… Anything for IVN!!!

C/meo Collective
Sister Love ♥️♥️♥️

And that’s exactly the spirit she had, anything for the movement! She made a B-line for the bridge instead of going home and getting some much deserved rest. To add to the drama, we both had to change on the bridge, check my Insta-stories for that footage. I had to get out of my Ankara gown and she had to change out of her comfy work clothes and tragic sneakers she refuses to upgrade. She’s frugal and rightly so as a single woman on her own; I respect that. However she refuses to spend anything over her budgeted $70 for sneakers, LIKE EVER. Tragic right?!?!

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I know the seasons are changing in the fashion world but there’s still a little bit of summer left no matter what they say. So I decided to bring a little more heat to Summer’19 in this stunning Ankara print gown. Fun fact this frock is actually two separate pieces designed to melt beautifully into one garment. I plan to style the top with pants and some more stuff; look out for the looks in my Insta-stories.

Sarleamah dress

This beautiful frock was designed by, fashionista, blogger, world traveler, designer, all round baad girl Sarleamah. I first saw this dress on Sarleamah on her IG page (follow her she’s everything) and I fell in love; I had to have it. For some, it’s a major fashion faux pas to wear a piece worn by another, especially someone as well known as Sarleamah. Guess who could care less about “the rules”, this girl. I’m a rebel, a fashion gangsta. I wear what I want and I wanted this dress! Seriously can you blame me?! Can I just say how well designed this garment is, the fabric is high quality cotton. The construction is that of a true talent and thee C O L O R… is everything!!! It’s even more stunning in person, so rich and vibrant, it’s breath-taking.

Sarleamah dress
Welcome to Brooklyn!

Sarleamah didn’t hesitate when I reached out about this dress. She graciously jumped on my design request. She was professional, responsive, and prompt in all our communications. Admirable qualities in a designer. The dress didn’t take more then 2 weeks to construct, right on time for the shoot.

Sarleamah dress

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