Summer Ain’t Over Just Yet-Part Two

Hey guys welcome to the second installment of my Summer Ain’t Over Just Yet series. This post features my twin sister, Alex! Fun fact the day of this shoot she just finished working 18 of the last 24 hours. Does she sleep, occasionally we take extended naps. Team No Sleep forever!!! If you know you know. But seriously when OT (overtime) calls you gotta answer sometimes. To be clear she wasn’t scheduled to work when we initially discussed  shooting. I wouldn’t be so inconsiderate of her time to ask her to come shoot with me after such a long work day… Wait who am I kidding I just might ask, I mean she can always say no right?! Picture that happening… Anything for IVN!!!

C/meo Collective
Sister Love ♥️♥️♥️

And that’s exactly the spirit she had, anything for the movement! She made a B-line for the bridge instead of going home and getting some much deserved rest. To add to the drama, we both had to change on the bridge, check my Insta-stories for that footage. I had to get out of my Ankara gown and she had to change out of her comfy work clothes and tragic sneakers she refuses to upgrade. She’s frugal and rightly so as a single woman on her own; I respect that. However she refuses to spend anything over her budgeted $70 for sneakers, LIKE EVER. Tragic right?!?!

C/meo Collective

But what’s not tragic are the looks I pulled together for this shoot. The tops are the stars of this show. C/meo Collective has become a new favorite of mine in the ready to wear department since I discovered them at Urban Outfitters (UO). UO is a long time favorite for me as well. They always have something unique and interesting in store or online; they never let me down. The drama of the puffy sleeves and the unique design of both gives me such life. I’m here for the drama obviously because I purchased both tops. Sadly they aren’t available anymore on UO but C/meo does have their own stand alone site. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some drama there for sure.

C/meo Collective

If you’ve been keeping up with me on IG and the blog you’ve seen the yellow top I’m wearing before. And you’re seeing one more time because it’s just so darn cute. The subtle brocade, the puffy sleeves, ultra feminine. The beige top Alex is wearing, features a geometric pattern of a bluish-green and white but the sleeves, in all their puffy glory make this top standout. You can find a cute pair white jeans anywhere but these happen to be from Zara and Michael Kors (MK). The MK jeans are a hand me down from my dear Aunt Lori, an avid supporter of the blog. I do take hand me downs folks, if they make fashion sense of course. And that’s a wrap for this installment. The third and final installment is coming soon, stay tuned.

C/meo Collective
Our attempt at being sultry, dare I say sexy… Nailed it or nah?!

The Deets

Tops: C/meo Collective

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Makeup: Me…

Photo credit: Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duo Images.

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