I know the seasons are changing in the fashion world but there’s still a little bit of summer left no matter what they say. So I decided to bring a little more heat to Summer’19 in this stunning Ankara print gown. Fun fact this frock is actually two separate pieces designed to melt beautifully into one garment. I plan to style the top with pants and some more stuff; look out for the looks in my Insta-stories.

Sarleamah dress

This beautiful frock was designed by, fashionista, blogger, world traveler, designer, all round baad girl Sarleamah. I first saw this dress on Sarleamah on her IG page (follow her she’s everything) and I fell in love; I had to have it. For some, it’s a major fashion faux pas to wear a piece worn by another, especially someone as well known as Sarleamah. Guess who could care less about “the rules”, this girl. I’m a rebel, a fashion gangsta. I wear what I want and I wanted this dress! Seriously can you blame me?! Can I just say how well designed this garment is, the fabric is high quality cotton. The construction is that of a true talent and thee C O L O R… is everything!!! It’s even more stunning in person, so rich and vibrant, it’s breath-taking.

Sarleamah dress
Welcome to Brooklyn!

Sarleamah didn’t hesitate when I reached out about this dress. She graciously jumped on my design request. She was professional, responsive, and prompt in all our communications. Admirable qualities in a designer. The dress didn’t take more then 2 weeks to construct, right on time for the shoot.

Sarleamah dress

Sarleamah dress
Watch the queen conquer.

I had to find a location worthy of this dress, where, oh where could this dress shine? BROOKLYN, the Brooklyn Bridge to be exact. Once I decided where I wanted to shoot I let Kaneisha know (Dynamic Duo Images) and scheduled the shoot. I prayed the weather would cooperate; no rain or clouds. And cooperate, it did, we had clear skies and sunshine. Won’t HE do it, all praises be to Jah, we had exceptional weather. I couldn’t ask for better weather.

Sarleamah dress
Brooklyn to Manhattan by way of Africa
Sarleamah dress
The Ankara hit different in BK

It should also be noted that I may have lost my New Yorker card because I totally forgot how close the Brooklyn bridge is to the Manhattan bridge. I wanted to shoot on the Brooklyn bridge and under the Manhattan bridge. This dress deserved two epic locations. Shout out to Kaneisha and Alex (my twin sister) for helping bring my vision to fruition, the best 3- woman team ever!!! Alex was a real trooper for shooting with me after working the last 18 hours running on maybe 3 hours of sleep. Kaneisha for getting up with me at the butt crack of dawn to shoot.

Family, we did 3 different locations and 2 boroughs in one day. Nothing is impossible if you have a plan, laser focus, and a SUPER DOPE team of WONDER WOMEN by your side. I’m still tired but it was all worth it.

I’ve got some more fire coming in this series so stay tuned.

Back to the shoot, can I just say entirely too many people walk the Brooklyn bridge. We got to the bridge after target time mostly due to ridiculous directions provided by Suri, that took us through Manhattan just to get to the walking path on the bridge. Further confirmation I may have lost my New Yorker card. It didn’t dawn on me to simply put in Junior’s into the map (famous cheesecake restaurant). I would have found my way to the walkway from there. Smh I’m loosing it guys, sheds thug tear.

From Brooklyn with LOVE... MUH!!
Saunters into her glory

It seemed like every tourist on the planet decided to shoot under the Instagram-able Manhattan bridge. Yes it’s a great shoot but these people had no shooting at a very public place, so I should not stand in the spot that everyone’s waiting to take the same picture at for more than 5 minutes, etiquette.  Run-on sentence but very necessary, pun intended…lol

Oh excuse my train it has a mind of it’s own.
Ready for my shot

There was quite the sizable crowd when I reached the bridge and the crowd that grew while we were shooting was RIDICULOUS! We had to “charm” our way into getting the shot we needed. Yes I had to use my “Brooklyn charm” to get up in there, but no one dare try me in that dress, it oozes a regal presence. You feel like the Queen of Sheba in this dress. So I sauntered into the middle of the street like I belonged there, because I did, and politely asked Kaneisha, you ready. And the rest as they say is history.


This was an epic day in an epic dress.

My sincere thanks to Sarleamah for designing such a beautiful garment. I can’t wait for you to dream up another breath-taking design. Stay tuned for the rest my shenanigans in the next installment of this series.

The Deets  

Dress: Sarleamah

Shoes: Steve Madden Carrson

Earrings: Kiera Raffia by Babble Bar great dupe here

Hair: Ms. Keon

Until next time my loves…



11 thoughts on “SUMMER AINT OVER JUST YET! Part One

  1. Your photos are wonderful, Andrea; I love the fact that you chose Brooklyn Bridge as the backdrop. You look beautiful – and Sarleamah’s dress is glorious. A work of art.

  2. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been dying to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I love that the dress is actually 2 pieces. Versatility for the win!

  3. Everything about this look is fire. This bold yellow is giving me life. Saunter away girl, you rocked the mess out of this look.

    Thanks for sharing the shoes too because I’m about to order them.

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