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So spring has finally sprung but she’s playing peek-a-boo with us per the norm. As you transition into spring, cleaning out the old closet and begin to think about all of the new and beautiful pieces you want for the season; shop your closet first! Before you run out and buy a new outfit for your next event, take stock and reimagine the gems you already have.



Recycling or re-inventing a look with existing pieces is becoming quite the trend; even if you’ve been photographed in it. As designers are being slammed for literally destroying perfectly good pieces to preserve the exclusivity of their brands (Nike, H&M, Burberry), perhaps not contributing to the world’s ginormous carbon footprint one party dress at a time isn’t such a crazy idea.

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Sure Shot…They’ll Ketchup…The Album

I’m very excited about this post for a several reasons. First, I get to do a feature on my friend who just happens to be one of DC’s dopiest lyricist, Sure Shot. Second, we shot the visuals for this feature at the Blind Whino Art Club; very cool spot. Much to my chagrin, it was my first visit.

The Blind Whino is currently featuring a Hip-Hop museum.  If you’re a Hip-Hop fan, you should stop by the museum, you’ll definitely enjoy the exhibits, collections, and art work. It was the obvious choice to shoot the visuals.


Sure Shot recently released his first solo project They’ll Ketchup, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get the low down on the new project. The connection, he and I share a best friend, my husband, and we’re both creatives. Sure Shot creates dope music and he has a sufficient amount of sauce on the fashion tip; probably the biggest reason I keep him around…lol And as you know I create amazing beauty and fashion looks.  Needless to say the shenanigans are endless when he’s around. We’re unpacking a whole lot stuff in this one, hurt, disappointment, struggle, and triumph.

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Prepping for Spring

It’s March and spring is just around the corner. So imagine my surprise when I still find myself in need of a WHOLE winter coat and gloves. Ok, ok, the gloves weren’t necessary they just completed the look. But seriously winter just doesn’t want to let go. So what’s a girl to do…adjust… because champions adjust!!!

When you’re ready for Spring and Winter won’t let you be great you find a light weight sweater dress to satisfy your passion for fashion. I picked this up from one of my favorite online boutique’s Abi Project. It’s no coincidence I choose a piece from Abi. It’s sista owned and it’s Women’s History month (WHM). In celebration of WHM I’ll be showing all kinds of love to all the sistas/sisters who are making BOSS moves in my post all month long; so stay tuned!

Blind Whino Arts CenterBlind Whino Arts CenterBlind Whino Arts Center

We shot this look at the Blind Whino Arts Center in DC.

If you’re in the DC area and looking for something cool to do, stop by the Blind Whino Arts Center. They’re currently featuring a really dope Hip Hop museum which I visited and will be talking more about in my next post. Fore warned is fore armed, no professional photography is allowed inside the museum area, camera-phone photos and video are allowed. Traditional camera photography is allowed around the exterior of the building.

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Until next time ladybugs!!!



Photo credit- Dynamic Duo Images. As usually thanks for a dope shoot Nesh.