So spring has finally sprung but she’s playing peek-a-boo with us per the norm. As you transition into spring, cleaning out the old closet and begin to think about all of the new and beautiful pieces you want for the season; shop your closet first! Before you run out and buy a new outfit for your next event, take stock and reimagine the gems you already have.


Recycling or re-inventing a look with existing pieces is becoming quite the trend; even if you’ve been photographed in it. As designers are being slammed for literally destroying perfectly good pieces to preserve the exclusivity of their brands (Nike, H&M, Burberry), perhaps not contributing to the world’s ginormous carbon footprint one party dress at a time isn’t such a crazy idea.


Who can forget how many times Tiffany Haddish wore her 4k Alexander McQueen dress?! And who can blame her?! I would be wearing that to every formal, funeral and wedding for the next four years with a 4k price tag.


So I took a queue from everyone’s favorite funny lady and created a new look for a formal I was recently invited to. I first wore the skirt with a white top. In the new look I changed the top and voilĂ  a whole new look. I changed my hair style and makeup as well, that also helps to keep the look fresh. We made absolutely no changes to the hubby’s look; why mess with perfection?

So break out the light-weight sweaters, sweater dresses, palazzo pants, your favorite trench coat and create something amazing. Or hit me up and I’ll point you in the right direction.

The Fits

Mr.- Blazer and Shoes Men’s Wear House

Mrs.- Skirt, Asos, Shoes Badgely Mischka, Top,

Until next time fam!



Photography courtesy of Dynamic Duo Images

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