Oh the Blossoms…Shop Your Closet 2.0

So I’m still in full spring cleaning mode. It’s going at a snails pace for several reasons. I just got back from a fun filled trip to Vegas with the kids and hubby. Hence no post earlier in the month, planning, packing, traveling… As most parents know there’s a difference between a “vacation” and a “trip”.

Trip= Almost non-stop activities that involve very little consumption of alcohol or downtime. The focus is almost entirely on the little people, with one goal, keep them going until they’re too tired to ask to do anything by 10/11 pm so you can enjoy a glass of wine and some grown up time.

Vacation= A state of complete and total relaxation, a faux Nirvana, if you will. A place where copious amounts of alcohol are consumed. Sleep isn’t optional, it’s a requirement  and breakfast in bed is pretty much the standard. This place does exist, I promise you it does.

Now that everyone’s clear on that point, the other reason I’m moving so slow is because I’ve just been plain ole tired after work. I zero incentive to clean after a long day at work. And I know what you’re thinking, what about the weekend Andrea? What about it? Who’s spending their two day weekend cleaning? Not this girl! So slow it goes!

During my marathon spring cleaning event, cause it’s marathon at this point not a sprint, I continue to find gems in my closet. Am I surprised by this no, but delighted just the same. Kaneisha and I decided a while back we wanted to capture the beauty of the Cherry Blossom trees this year, can I just say mission accomplished.

Let me just say there were an ungodly number of people (myself included) up at 6:30, roughly 7:00 am in Washington D.C. on the Saturday morning we decided to shoot this. I get it, totally, you get the best shots of the Cherry Blossom Trees when they are in full bloom and what a sight they are to see when they are in full bloom.  The days the trees are actually in full bloom are limited hence the crowds. And there’s a whole festival, it’s an event I get it but the people traffic was totally unexpected that early in the AM.


We literally circled around the basin several times before we could find parking semi-close. We ended up parking near the African American museum and catching an Uber back to where we wanted to shoot. Now this may seem a bit wasteful and maybe a bit lazy but I assure it wasn’t. The parking angels were looking down on us and said these ladies need a break; so they hit us up with a little blessing. As I stood in line to pay for parking at the meter machine, the women in front of me mistakenly paid for parking twice and gave us the extra ticket, WINNING!! Hence the Uber and we avoid sweating unnecessarily. I’m all about the sweat but for the right reasons. Le Struggle was real my friends. But it was definitely worth it.

Everything I’m wearing has been in my closet for several years. The coat has sentimental value, my Aunt Shell, one my of favorite people in the whole wide world actually gave it to me. Pink is her signature color, all shades, she doesn’t discriminate. I was very fortunate to be the beneficiary of one of her spring cleanings and believe you me you want to be around for her spring cleanings. The coat is from Victoria Secret believe it or not, the sweater Shein.com, the skirt is a Ted Baker master piece, bag Nine West, shoes BCBG Generation. The only item that is still available for purchase is the sweater.

If you’re planning a trip DC visit the Cherry Blossoms, stop by the MLK memorial as well, heck visit all the memorials they’re all in the same vicinity. Thanks for stopping by and until next time family.


Photography by Dynamic Duo Images.



12 thoughts on “Oh the Blossoms…Shop Your Closet 2.0

  1. When I lived in Maryland, right outside of Washington, DC one of my favorite attractions of course was the Cherry Blossoms, indeed beautiful. I love you skirt, it is sooo Ted Baker and your sweater is also pretty, lovely combo, your outfit. Nice!

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  2. You fit right into this scene perfectly! I know we have a few here in GA but my allergies to them are horrible so I can’t even take a pic with the trees

    Liked by 1 person

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