We all know when we look good, we feel AMAZING!! A large part of feeling good is self-care and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s no wonder someone got the bright idea (note to self come up with a bright idea) to bring the feel good vibes to the gym for the ladies. That someone in this scenario is my good friend Terrell Givens.

I recently caught up with Terrell, owner and operator of Soza Wellness and the beauty brand Gym Ready Lips at the Prince George’s County Chapter of the Links, Inc. The Links recently hosted their 40th Annual Anniversary Gala at the MGM Grand hotel at the National Harbor. Terrell was there doing what he does, promoting Gym Ready Lips. He and other small business owners served as vendors in the curated market place created especially for the gala attendees. I couldn’t want to miss the opportunity to cover the event and catch up with Terrell in his element.

We chopped it up about what his vision for Soza Wellness is and how Gym Ready Lips came to fruition.

Terrell was also gracious enough to do a little Q&A with us.

IVN: How did Soza Wellness come to fruition?

TG: I started off a personal trainer.  After being overwhelmed with personal training, working full time, Army Reserves, and working on my Master’s degree I stopped.  The original name of the Company was Phoenix Fitness  but that was already registered in Maryland.  So I was in the search for a name.  I started searching online and somehow I came across the word “Soza” which means “whole” in Greek.  So I decided on the name Soza Wellness.  We provide Wellness training to government, commercial, and individual clients.

IVN: So you’re a dude peddling lipstick how did this happen? I love that it happened, but we just need to know how?

TG: Woman like make-up and I like wellness.  It is a perfect combination. is a Self-care revolution.

IVN: Love it, love it. What keeps you motivated as an entrepreneur?

TG: Hunger for greatness and abundance.  I also like to help people walk through their self-care journey.

IVN: What’s your vision for Soza Wellness?

TG: I want to empower people through self-care and open up a Wellness Hotel.

IVN: What’s next for the brand, where you at, what are you doing, how can you be reached (social media, website, etc.)?

TG: I continue to push for now.  I want to start a podcast but honestly a bit lost on how to do so at this moment.

We are on FB, Instagram, pintrest, twitter, and snap chat for Gym Ready Lips.

We are on FB, Instagram, pintrest, and twitter for Soza Wellness.

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