Love is in the air this month at least that’s what they say. So I decided to go twinning with my very first love, my Sanaa, so we went H.A.M on all things cheetah print. I have to give my husband all the credit on these outfits. He bought every very single piece. However, there was a small problem; my broke best friend has to have everything I have.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love
My face when she returns my stuff damaged

The problem with a teenage daughters is that they like to “borrow” your things without asking and they also return your things in less than stellar condition. So my husband made sure there would be no arguments; he got two of everything. He knows us so well. And might just be the best husband in the world; don’t tell him I said that he’ll get a big head.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love

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Drea Does Dallas, Part 2

In my last post, I promised to tell you all about my very first experience at an Airbnb. So let me just start by saying I love Dallas. This was my second trip and I’ll be back for sure. Soooooooo about the Airbnb, the neighborhood where the house was located was a little sketchy. I’m not a stranger to sketchy, I grew in Brooklyn in the 80’s, sketchy was abundant, however as an adult I’m not a fan of paying for sketchy.

Dallas Airbnb Experience

We pulled up to the house, it was cute albeit in a questionable neighborhood. We opened the doors, the interior was cute as well but the house was freezing. I get you want to save some coins on the heating bill, ok. But as we move through the house and reach the back door you could smell the scent of cat spray; it’s a very distinct order. Not the owners fault a bunch of strays are squatting in his back yard. But the flimsy door my nine year old could kick open did lead to me question my safety; there were even talks of finding another spot for the weekend. We talked each other out of that idea but at 3 am we regretted that decision.

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