Love is in the air this month at least that’s what they say. So I decided to go twinning with my very first love, my Sanaa, so we went H.A.M on all things cheetah print. I have to give my husband all the credit on these outfits. He bought every very single piece. However, there was a small problem; my broke best friend has to have everything I have.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love
My face when she returns my stuff damaged

The problem with a teenage daughters is that they like to “borrow” your things without asking and they also return your things in less than stellar condition. So my husband made sure there would be no arguments; he got two of everything. He knows us so well. And might just be the best husband in the world; don’t tell him I said that he’ll get a big head.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love

Like most things with Sanaa this shoot wasn’t easy, there was some yelling, idle threats, but no tears or blood. Just a pillow fight with sequin pillows, you know a regular day in the Beale/Sharp house.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Love

We actually laughed a little bit and she got to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes; taking pictures of herself. I’m trying my best to keep the lines of communication open with Sanaa because we bump heads a lot. Once upon a time I was her whole world and she was mine. But our family expanded and both our worlds changed. It was definitely a change for the better but a change nonetheless. Her friends are her priority now and the rest of us, well we’re here too, but mostly for car rides and cash. I’ve been reduced to a mobile ATM folks.

I’m told it will get better in a few years; well pray she makes it. Until then I’ll force her into cute outfits and hope she let’s me steal an occasional kiss; yes I have to steal kisses.

Cheetah Print Twinning With My First Lovesneakers are Michael Kors

About the outfit, how cute are our Kate Spade cross body bags?! The sweatsuits are VS PINK and the sneakers are Michael Kors.

Until next time ladybugs,



P.S.- Photo credit Dynamic Duo Images

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