Black Friday can be one of the most frustrating or the most exciting day’s of the year for shoppers. There are literally so many things to consider. Do I shop online? Do I hit the streets and thug it out with the masses for (nominally) better discounts? Do I throw my hands up and say forget this, I’m going to the bar? I’ve strongly considered the latter on numerous occasions. I recommend starting here, ask yourself these four questions before you make a purchase…

Black Friday Questions

These insightful questions are curtesy of Eden Ashley of Mint Notion. As an ex-shopaholic Eden provides sage advice on finances as well as practical strategies on how to keep more of your coins. Something to consider before you get caught up in all of the crazy that is Black Friday. Think of this as a disclaimer, similar to the note on the side of the cigarette box. We all know we’re gonna shop but for the love God consider the risk…lol With that said let’s get into these sales. See just like the cigarette disclaimer.


We all know the big retailers will do just fine this shopping season with that in mind I encourage you all to support your local mom and pop shops, online boutiques, and service providers. Here are few I’m excited about…

Occesories (Beaded bracelets for him or him)

Body by BrandiBody by Brandi– Natural Body Care line (lotions, cremes, butter)

Gifts from Virgo (Jewelry)

Cuffed and Crowned (Hair Accessories)

SM Style Loft (Online Boutique)

Dress By Jaye (Stylist)

Honey Social (Online content curator and photographer)

Shutter to Think (Photographer)

Dynamic Duo Images (Photographer)

Yesssss Black Friday!!


Red Alert! Red Alert! It’s celebration season y ‘all. The galas, soirées, dinners, and fundraisers are abundant. And with this comes the dreaded question, what do I wear? Do I buy something new? Do I pull an oldie but goodie out of the closet? Maybe something vintage? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes!!! That’s exactly what I did with this look. You can rock this look at a Friends-giving event or your first dinner with HIS family. No matter where you decide to rock this, this look is pure FIRE!!! It just made sense for us to shoot at a fire house. I think we kinda nailed it…lol

Red Alert

Red Alert

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I’ve been to Miami quite a few times but this time was refreshingly different. We did all the typical activities one does when you visit Miami. We walked Ocean drive, people watching, it was Halloween weekend so you can only imagine the things we saw. We had a much needed beach day. And of course we took in the night life.

So what exactly made this trip so different?! We actually explored the city a bit more. Ricardo (the husband) is the explorer. He was a man on a mission on this trip. If I’m being honest I would have been fine being a beach bum for the whole trip, but Rick had other plans.

One of our first stops on this little adventure was the park on 21st street and Collins Ave. What’s so fascinating about a park?! Welp the ginormous rock structure sitting in the middle of it.

As you can see the dress I planned on taking a few photos in was almost an exact match to the stones. My husband is the best photoshoot scout ever! I bought this dress from Chic Wish months ago. I had no idea this structure existed. I just knew the dress was perfect for a Miami vacation and we’d figure something out. And look at GODT!!

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