Fall Fashion for everyBODY

Amanda and I are back at it. We’re giving you looks for Fall in this one. Target came through in a major way. I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Target since the 20 Years of Design drop. Target’s A New Day collection is giving me so much life right now. I’m a sucker for beaming ambers, rusty reds and burnt oranges and they did not disappoint. When I saw this blouse I knew I had to create a look with it as the centerpiece. It’s has a very subtle leopard print and I’m here for ALL things animal print.

Burnt orange for the win

While the blouse was a total winner for me, not so much for Amanda. But we made it twerk for the shoot. It was a fit and fabric issue. The sleeves were a bit narrow and the fabric wasn’t breathable. Sweat marks were visible within a few minutes of her wearing it. It wasn’t exactly hot that morning either; in fact it was freezing. It should be noted it’s a polyester blend. Imagine wearing this to work and upon your arrival you have unsightly sweat marks under your pits. Not sexy ladies!!! An innocent design flaw I’m sure, but if any of you decide to purchase the top, buyer beware. I did not have the sweat issue. I don’t sweat a lot in general.


Stepping into Fall

Fall Fierce

Fall Looks

Fun fashion
Say something funny Amanda… “Something funny”

We paired the blouse with faux leather skirts. As usual Amazon came ALL the way through when it came to finding an inexpensive piece to complete this look.

Fashion to Figure
“Never ask women to conform their figures to fashion, but rather bring fashion to the figure”- Gram 1950

We stepped it up a notch with our outerwear. Amanda’s coat is from Fashion to Figure (FTF). We love FTF because they are a brand that’s features sizes ranging 12-24, XL-3XL. The have brick and mortar stores all over the country. You’re not going to find any frumpy or dumpy pieces here. FTF comes full force with the fashion. My coat is from Pretty Little Things, you can find a similar coat here.

We Plan God Laughs

We planned a second look for you guys, with the cutest paper bag pants from Target. I told you guys I’ve been on a whole Target vibe since the 20 Years of Design Drop.

These faux leather pants are from Target’s Who What Wear collection. Unfortunately the pants did nothing for Amanda’s figure, so we had to pivot with the skirts. Instead of abandoning the look altogether I decided to include it in this post. Look at you guys getting lucky with a bonus look. It all worked out in the end, right?! Oh and did I mention, on the high end, with all the pieces coming from Target, the whole look (blouse and pants) cost roughly $60 bucks. Target for the win!!! Run, don’t walk to Target!!! The top is on clearance and the pants are selling out!!!

The shoes and purse are oldies but goodies from my closet.

Until next time…



7 thoughts on “Fall Fashion for everyBODY

  1. I absolutely love this post! I especially appreciate how you didn’t sugarcoat anything. Has a sweaty girl nothing sucks more than buying a shirt you love only to see sweat stains when you look in the mirror. Will be staying far away from that, but the outfits are fabulous!

  2. The color scheme here is amazing. I love that you all rocked pant and skirt versions of these so Fall Chic!

  3. So necessary! Fall is my favorite time of year period especially for fashion and much more and there should be no barriers for anyone when it comes to our clothes game!

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