I’ve been to Miami quite a few times but this time was refreshingly different. We did all the typical activities one does when you visit Miami. We walked Ocean drive, people watching, it was Halloween weekend so you can only imagine the things we saw. And we had a much-needed beach day. And of course we took in the nightlife.

So what exactly made this trip so different?! We actually explored the city a bit more. Ricardo (the husband) is the explorer. He was a man on a mission on this trip. If I’m being honest I would have been fine being a beach bum for the whole trip, but Rick had other plans.

MIAMI Vacation Trip

One of our first stops on this little adventure was the park on 21st street and Collins Ave. What’s so fascinating about a park?! Welp the ginormous rock structure sitting in the middle of it.

MIAMI vacation trip

As you can see the dress I planned on taking a few photos in was almost an exact match to the stones. My husband is the best photoshoot scout ever! I bought this dress from Chic Wish months ago. I had no idea this structure existed. And I just knew the dress was perfect for a Miami vacation and we’d figure something out. And look at GODT!!

MIAMI vacation trip

Gifts From Virgo- Birth Year

Frost Museum of Science

The next stop, because we’re low key nerds, was the Frost Museum of Science.This museum is very cool. It features so many interactive exhibits for the kid in you. Needless to say this is a must do if you ever bring the kiddies to Miami and want to keep them busy for a few hours. The coolest part for me were the aquariums. You get the feeling of swimming with sharks without actually doing it. The views from the observation deck were also stunning, check out my highlights on IG to see the views we captured.

MIAMI vacation trip Frost Science Museum- Under the sea

Needless to say we were famished after nerding-out at the museum. Our bellies lead us to Wynwood- the art district in Miami. We decided to get some grub at The Butcher Shop Beer Garden.

Sidebar, our Uber driver took us on the sketchiest ride I’ve ever been on in an Uber. For a hot second I thought this was an abduction. Our driver didn’t speak English very well and all of sudden the GPS stopped working. He pulled over abruptly and didn’t say anything. Rick asked him what was going on? Did he need help navigating? He responded with the a ‘It’s ok, it’s ok”.


It was somewhat unnerving but the driver eventually got back on track. He took us thru some shady looking back streets. We literally had to drive through a sea of homeless people. It was super weird. Where’s you’re shank when you need it right?! Obviously we made it to our destination safe and sound. The food was amazing! Check it on my IG highlights. We had a ball that day. Did I mention how amazing my husband is; he’s pretty amazing.

We hit the beach the next day and the cutest brunch spot, Orange Blossom’s. It was relatively inexpensive and yummy. I had the lox (I’m a New Yorker and I like smoked salmon) and Rick had steak, eggs, and potatoes. We did the bottomless Mimosas as well. That’s always a good decision. Everything was great! We also did another brunch spot on our last day in town, The Pink Teacup Villa.

If you want some good ole, down home food (fish, shrimp, grits, mac n cheese, chicken and waffles) this is the spot for you. There was a lot more twerking at brunch than I am use to, but we had a ball. That was all due to DJ Genesis; he was on FIRE. Him and Ricardo had a little bromance going on. By that I mean Rick thoroughly enjoyed his musical selection and skills on the turntables and DJ Genesis appreciated the acknowledgement. I love when dudes vibe and it’s all love.

MIAMI vacation trip

This wouldn’t be an official trip to Miami without a rooftop party.

We ended up at the Clevelander, which was entertaining. There was a copious amount of slightly mature folk out that night which I didn’t mind at all. I personally enjoy a more mature crowd. The likelihood of a fight breaking is much lower…lol All in all it was a great vacation, can’t wait for our next adventure together.

The Look from the Park

Maxi Dress- ChicWish

Shoes- Steve Madden

Anklet- Gifts From Virgo

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