Hey gang! I hope everyone’s safe, happy, and surrounded by people they love. In the states we’ve slowed down a bit to do what we do best, eat, shop, and repeat!!! This post is all about shopping, small, local (if possible) and oh yeah BLACK!!! It is BLACK Friday after all, it’s kind of a no brainer in my opinion but I digress. I’m wearing the Kazuno sweater dress from Souk & Sepia in the photos below; a black-owned, online boutique. They have a huge sale going on right now, up to 45% (on select items) which is huge for a boutique shop. Side-bar, this photo was taken at Longwood Gardens. Longwood gardens puts Hillwood Gardens (a local D.C. garden and museum) to shame; visit both and then we can debate it.

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Everybody good?! Stressed out from last week?! Take a moment and breathe, you survived election week. It wouldn’t be 2020 if it wasn’t strange. I’m personally grateful there weren’t any riots in the streets, like a lot of people thought. Notwithstanding a few ballots that still need to be tallied it seems the United States has chosen a new person for the office of the Executive. Let me put a disclaimer on this thing right now, this isn’t a showing of support for any particular party or any candidate. It’s simply the musings of fashionista, for what that’s worth.


Jill Biden donned the facemask below, with the words BREATHE POSITIVITY sown into it, during her husband’s acceptance speech. I thought how cool is this, a message I can relate to. A simple, clear, colorful and timely message during very uncertain times for so many. As I struggle with how much content to put out about fashion, style or beauty, let’s face it we’re in perilous times where people can’t make their mortgages or buy food, none of those things are really all that important in the grand scheme of things. But it’s little fashion moments like this that remind me how important breathing life, light, and positivity into the cypher really is. If there was ever a time for us to breathe a bit of positivity in the world, it’s right now.

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Fall Favorites-Lavendar & Grey

Hey gang! It’s been a minute since my last post, but I’m back with a banger. A few updates, the Curl Calendar has updated their format, check it out here. Unrelated but still newsworthy, one of my favorite fashion bloggers Blair Eadie commented on my post. Blair is like the Beyoncé of bloggers, she is blogger royalty!! Speaking of Beyoncé, she has a new collection dropping October 30th, 2020 from her Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration. I’ve been on a shameless campaign for a promo box in my Instagram stories each day since the drop was announced. It’s funny, I’m funny, but I really hope they take mercy on the baby blogger and throw me a bone. Either way I’m entertaining myself, in the end that’s all that matters, right?!?!

Ocular proof that the queen spoke to me… virtually

But back to Blair, she’s the queen of color, layering, and elegance. When I grow up, I want to be a big girl blogger like her. The fact that she took the time to type actual words under my post is nothing short of freggin amazing! I’m still reeling!!! This edit is a nod to her and the final collection with Nordstrom’s Halogen line. I can’t wait to get my hands on those pieces, but until then, feast your eyes on these two looks.


Dressed Down

One of my favorite color combos is grey and lavender. I purchased these jeans over the summer for CHEAP CHEAP at the Loft. The star of the show is this Taffeta blouse by Top Shop also purchased at a huge discount. I wanted to dress the top down and these jeans just made sense. My sneakers are oldies but goodies by Sam Edelman, you can find a pair here.

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The Jean Jacket

Nothing says Fall like crisp sunny mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly evenings. It’s those crisp mornings and chilly evenings that have you reaching for a little something extra, maybe a jacket, yes a jean jacket. Welcome to the jean jacket edit ladies and gents. I’m sharing three looks featuring my favorite denim pieces of the season. I’m giving all kinds of casual chic in this one folks… Distressed denim, camo, graphic tees and some more. There’s a little something for everyone in each look, ENJOY!!



Positive Vibes Only…

Jacket- Something Navy, similar jacket

T-Shirt- Conscious Kingdom

Patches- Patch Party Club

Pants- Meow and Barks Boutique

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The Curl Calendar

I got 99 problems but a curl ain’t one…lol Hey gang I’ve literally been working on this one for a month. My girl Tangie (founder and CEO of the Curl Calendar) reached out to me to take the Curl Calendar for a test drive and I kindly obliged. I know what your thinking, “what’s a curl calendar?” Whelp it’s the newest tool to hit the natural haircare market; natural hair = free of any chemical straighter aka perm or relaxer. The premise is simple, it’s a wash day tracker/calendar. It helps you maintain your natural hair care regimen. As some of you may or may not know natural hair needs quite a bit of TLC. I know we make it look easy but a lot of time and effort goes in to maintaining our luscious locks. The Curl Calendar is the natural girl’s newest secret weapon.


The Before


I chronicled some of my journey over the past four weeks using the Curl Calendar. If you’re anything like me, you need an occasional reminder, even for something as simple as a shampoo. Haircare is a huge part of self-care especially for people on team natural. A wash and go ain’t really a wash and go, it’s a co-wash or shampoo, leave-in conditioner, add some oil to my scalp and hair, REAL-LIFE SITUATION. Like I said we make it look easy.

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The Melanin garden

Hey gang. I know I’ve been very neglectful, my sincere apologies. September was busy on the personal front. Distance learning started for my girls, nothing worked. It was very stressful the first two weeks. So our long overdue vacation was quite timely. I came back relaxed and ready to go but as fate would have it, Sanaa and I got sick, run of the mill cold for me, a bit more serious for Sanaa. But I’m glad to report we’re both right as rain.

The Style Hunt DMV

The Style Hunt DMV: photo meet-up and fashion show

September wasn’t a total bust. I was able to attend my first social gathering for DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) creatives hosted by The Style Hunt DMV; a photo meet-up and fashion show. The event was originally scheduled for a weekend in August but the weather was acting real 2020 and it decided to rain so the event was moved to a date in September.

The Style Hunt DMV
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Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit

EVERYBODY Matters Swimsuit Edition 2020

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I couldn’t let the best month of the year pass without an everyBODY matters edit. Amanda and I are back at it in our mission to promote body positivity in fashion. Our category of choice for this one, swimsuits! Just so you know, you’re looking at 6 births and several C-sections between the two of us (3 for Amanda alone). Finding a swim suit that complimented our back fat, stretch marks, and some more stuff wasn’t easy. We wanted to celebrate all of that, however we still wanted to look fabulous doing it. I found the suits and Amanda was definitely the creative director for this shoot. She had the looks, the poses, and a shot plan. I think she might have knack for this guys.

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Rainbows and Sunshine
Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Tie Dye Fine Right here folks
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YRAA The Brand- Featuring the Pressé Nail Collection

Hey gang I hope everyone is in good health and staying sane during these turbulent times. There is just so much going on in world right now I wanted to share something light and beautiful with you. In my continued quest to ensure cute isn’t cancelled during this pandemic and quite frankly to step up my own nail game, I discovered the most adorable press-on nail line- Pressé by YRAA (Your Rich @$$ Auntie). YRAA, very tongue and cheeky I know, it’s the name that got me, it’s my favorite kind of auntie…lol YRAA is a black owned and operated business that features an affordable press-on nail line as well hats and furs; Fall 2020 loading so stay tuned.

YRAA Press-On Nail Collection
Presse Nails by YRAA

YRAA Press-On Nail Collection

What I love about YRAA is that they are not just nails! They are huge advocates for financial literacy, hence the Rich Auntie part. They provide financial gems with each product sold, making sure the Rich Aunties stay RICH! And nothing gives Rich Auntie vibes like a set of custom press-on nails.

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Another Maxi Moment

Chen Burkett Original
So I’m sharing another maxi moment. This time around it’s the maxi skirt that’s giving me life. The skirt is a Chen Burkett original. Chen’s designs are often imitated but never duplicated. This particular print has been replicated by tons of online boutiques but I doubt any have ever come close to the quality and craftsmanship of her pieces. This skirt also has one of my favorite features, POCKETS!!! Pockets and a beautiful Ankara print, you really can’t ask for more. When the talented India Kea asked me to shoot with her I knew I had to incorporate this skirt into the look. Of course I’m rocking my Ocessories Warrior bracelets.  The Lagos earrings are from Gifts from Virgo, we’re giving David Yurman vibes without the price tag; that’s called winning. 

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If you know me, you know I love the Summer season. One of my favorite things about the summer is all the straw, the straw hats and bags to be exact. I’m definitely a hat girl. Skirts with ruffles also bring me lots of joy. It’s the best of both worlds in this post. I’m giving all kinds of Kentucky Derby vibes in this one. I think we all can agree I will be more than ready for the Derby if and when the world returns to normal.

straw hat and bag

This skirt is a J Crew score, it’s currently SOLD OUT. As you can imagine it was an extremely popular piece. I know, I’m terrible, I’m bit late getting this post out. Have no fear you can find a cute and a bit more affordable option here.

straw hat and bag season


The straw bag was a gift, but you find a nice alternative here.

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