It’s #makeupmonday on IVN… on a Thursday

As promised, fresh new content for 2023. I was suppose to post this Monday but totally missed the mark, so let’s talk makeup. So here it is on a Thursday. This update is kind of a big deal for me. I had the privilege and pleasure of slaying Dr. Stella Chukwu face for her very first television appearance. Hopefully this will be the first of many of Dr. Stella’s TV appearances.

It’s #makeupmonday on IVN… on a Thursday

I was absolutely thrilled to be a small part of her big moment. I never take it for grant it when folks ask me to be a part of the biggest moments in their lives. There are so many talented make-up artists out there they could literally choose anyone but the fact they choose me is always gives me goose bumps.

Here’s the look, we did a little soft glam for the win. Ya’ll know I love some razzle-dazzle. I always want to add glitter and sparkle, but I had to restrain myself and keep it simple. It’s daytime TV not the Oscar Andrea.

Here’s the link to the whole interview, so you can Dr. Stella in all her fabulousness. I get so excited every time I watch it. If you’re looking for an amazing dentist for your little ones, run don’t walk to Dr. Stella’s office. She is the women for the job, here’s the link to the website.



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