No I’m not referring to my fabulous outfit, I did kinda slay this look. Pats self on back. I’m actually referring to the work the team at She Did That Films is doing. Before we get into the film, let’s discuss why I was out on a school night, looking like a whole snack LOL.

woman in pink and red for She Did That


The saying you attract what you are couldn’t be more true when comes to Christina @sharpandsoundstyle. Christina and I are lifestyle bloggers, we connected via Instagram. We recently started following each other, commenting on each other pics and stories, we became quick IG friends. Short story short we decided we needed to meet in real life. Christina invited me to a screening of She Did That’s short film on Kalilah Wright, CEO of Mess In a Bottle.

We decided to meet up for dinner. Christina suggested we dine at Dirty Habit. Definitely a must if you’re in Washington DC area or plan to visit. The short ribs and mash (pictured below) literally melt in your mouth. I like sweet cocktails, so the Monaco Side Car was a perfect pairing. After dinner we made our way to the screening. When kindred spirits connect it’s a vibe y’all! I had good ole time with miss Christina! I smell a collaboration coming, stay tuned for that.

The film exceed my expectations. Kalilah’s story is both inspiring and empowering. In the midst of civil unrest and a global pandemic she grew a tiny t-shirt business into a international brand. Even after being robbed in her store at gun point, bruised but not broken, she persevered. Listen to little bit of her story below.

Kalilah’s story serves as a powerful reminder that what God has planned for you is for you! Nothing can hinder God’s plans. It reminded me that with a lot of hard work and the amazing community, especially black women supporting you, anything is possible.

I love to see a Brooklyn girl win!!! Yes Kalilah is from Brooklyn. Is Brooklyn in the house?!?! Without a doubt!!!


Big shout out to Chase (the film’s corporate sponsor), Renae Bluitt and the whole She Did That Films team for putting the spotlight on amazing women like Kalilah. The work your doing is important and necessary. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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