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The best part of having my own platform is the ability to feature some of the most interesting and dynamic people I know. Say hello to one of the most interesting people in my world, my sister, Shana Eutsay. Shana is one of my baby sisters. I have six sisters in total. Yeah it’s as fun as that sounds.

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All of my sisters are so unique and interesting I can’t wait for you all to get to know them. They all have their own distinct look, style, and sense of fashion. The one thing we all share is beauty (inside and out) and BRAINS!! Shana may have the franchise in the brains department; at a minimum the fortitude it takes to pursue a doctorate degree.

Yes ya’ll, we’ll have a doctor in the family pretty soon!

I’m not calling her Dr. Eutsay we’ve established this in advance…lol Ok maybe once just so I don’t seem like a total hater. In all seriousness Shana is one of the most determined, intelligent, compassionate, and loving humans I know. She’s a certified goofball, always the life of the party. But she is as committed as a general to her ministry, family, friends and education.

Her journey towards enlightenment is a stylish one. Oh by the way that’s her motto, ministry and tag line: BE ENLIGHTENED!!!

Shana is pursuing her doctorate in Higher Education Leadership, basically a doctor of education. MIND BLOWN RIGHT?! She is a student affairs practitioner by trade, which is why she designed her research around higher education.

Pretty Smart

Her dissertation is on student affairs specifically on how student affairs practitioners can use campus ministry to meet the holistic and diverse needs of college students. A topic of mounting interest that desperately needs more attention.


During undergrad Shana noticed that holistic and diversity services were introduced to her through the department of campus ministry; at least that was her experience. It only made sense to explore the topic further.

Her research gives a leading voice to campus ministry and its purpose within the student affairs practice as a whole society has shifted its paradigm due to lack of knowledge, i.e. personal biases, social stigmas, etc.

Her work focuses on developing the Student Affairs experience through Greek life, res life, campus activities, leadership development, student health and counseling, peer mentoring, and career development. And that’s a glimpse into my Star baby aka Shaney aka Dusty (don’t call her that one though), follow her on road to enlightenment on IG. Her insta-stories alone are worth the follow.


Let’s get into this vintage look

It only made sense we’d shoot this look in a library; the Williamsburg Public library in Brooklyn to be exact. Shout out to the Brooklyn Public Library for allowing us to shoot in one of their facilities. Special thanks to Krissa Cavouras, Director of Engagement & Marketing/Marketing & Communications, for giving the green light on this.


Backstory: when we arrived the day of the shoot the library was noisy which is weird because it’s suppose to be quiet in a library right? Wrong! There was a dance class on the top floor, babies dancing, noisy babies. Dancing in the library where do they do that at, Brooklyn! LOL! You can also thank Shana for the looks. She styled the whole shoot. So I don’t have specific details on the looks because they all came from Shana’s closet and aren’t readily available for purchase.


Vintage Look

But I’ll give you some recommendations for sure. Why did Shana end up styling the whole shoot you ask? Well, like a complete and total dunce I forgot my dress, in the garment bag, on the chair, in my house, in Maryland. Yes the shoot was in New York city. Thankfully we prepared for the shoot. We had different options in mind for Shana so I just hijacked one of her looks. Champions adjust, right?!

We were going for a vintage look. A nod to the past, think Hidden Figures. We wanted to channel the chic, stylish, well put together, modest but not boring, brilliant, yet stylish women of the past and I think we nailed it. Let me know in the comments!

Wanna replicate our look try these shops for vintage and current pieces:

Washington DC: Secondi Consignment I’ve shopped and sold pieces at this shop. Be careful you’ll go in for one thing and come out with twenty.

Brooklyn NYC: Amarcord Vintage Fashion

Photography by Dynamic Duo Images shot by Kaneisha Johnson.

Until next time loves,



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