Working Women Wednesday

Hey guys, I realized I haven’t left you with any wear to work inspo in awhile. Here’s a little somethin for the working women in my world.

working women fashion

I had a completely different shoot location planned for this working women fashion look. My local fire department ruined it. Our local fire station has a beautiful red chair/bench in the front of the building, perfect for this look right?! Right! Of course the day we decide to shoot this look there’s a big stupid fire engine in front of my chair. I stalked this fire house weekly to see how often they pull out the fire engine and ambulance housed inside; that is to say for washing and maintenance. Obviously there’s no way I could tell when an emergency would occur.

working women fashion

Champions adjust right so I did just that. My daughter suggested using the STOP sign as a prop. Can’t stop, won’t stop was the idea behind this. We’re just getting started with all our Fall looks so stay tuned.

working women fashion

working women fashion

Let’s get into this look. During the Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale I fell in love with AFRM. I wanted the Nora bodysuit in Rouge floral (as photographed) however it was sold out at Nordstrom’s. I scurried over to AFRM’s site and picked it up there. It is a body suit folks, undergarments are optional. The top is super chic. It features a plunging neckline (pin it up or tape it for work). The shoulders have an exaggerated puff, which makes it ultra femme. It’s just a win all around.

The pants are Ann Taylor. I snagged them during a 40% off sale and I’m so glad I did because they are sold out. I haven’t been able to fine a comparable substitute to date. I’ll update the post if and when I do. The shoes are oldies but goodies but who doesn’t already own a red pump, right?! Last but certainly not least, the Fendi envelope clutch is on loan from a friend. My friend and co-worker loves what I’m doing with the blog and offered to lend me some of vintage bags. Obviously that was a yes. I love when my tribe supports the movement.

working women fashion

That’s all for now folks. Until next time…



Photo credit goes to Dynamic Duo Images.

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