Fall Looks… Bold Plaids… Cool Sneakers

Soooooooo Mother Nature hasn’t got the memo that Fall is approaching. She can’t let go either… my girl! While we wait for the weather to break here’s a little something to get the season started. Let me be clear I’m a summer baby. Needless to say I am thoroughly enjoying this Indian Summer but we gotta get into these Fall looks even if the temperature is still in the 80s.

We wanted to do a little something different with this look. We shot at night and gave you two different ways to style this look.

We decided to give you guys a little bit of the “this or that” inspo with heels vs sneaks.


Wear the sneakers on your way to work. Wear the heels while you’re WERKING IT 😉.


If I’m being honest I prefer the sneakers for several reasons. First, I’m a certified sneaker-head if you’re new to the site. Second, the sneakers are almost a perfect match to the coat even though they are from two different designers. Third they’re sneakers, which automatically equates to comfort. Fourth they are freggin tweed sneakers, how cool is that?! Vans never disappoints. The sneakers were a Vans x Barney’s exclusive from a 2018 drop. The coat is the real star of the show. I picked this up during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. You can shop a similar coat here. So if you’re looking to DIY, you want to find a fun and colorful coat, pair it with your favorite Vans or sneaker of choice and just like that you’ve got a chic look for work or play. Just make sure it’s bold, bright, and you!!!


This shoot was also a bit of a creative stretch for us. Like I said earlier I really wanted to do something different for this look. So I decided to shoot at night but I also wanted to create “Light Trails.” Light Trails are a cool photography technique that stretches the light using a slower shutter speed on the camera. This look took two separate attempts. The first set of pictures came out too grainy for Kaneisha’s liking (my go to photography) so she suggested we shoot again. I humbly obliged. You have to love a photographer who takes pride in their work.

This single shot took multiple “takes.” We had to battle so many different external elements. First we had to wait for the cars to pass by fast enough to capture the light trails before the traffic light changed. Then we had to negotiate random pedestrians walking into the shot; see the photo bomb below.

The key to being photographed when trying to capture Light Trails is keeping perfectly still while the camera captures the shot. The random pedestrian in the photo bomb didn’t get the memo. She waltzed right into what would have probably been the perfect shot. I’m guessing the tripod, camera, and me standing there looking fabulous wasn’t a big enough clue for her to keep clear?! We probably tried this shot a good seven times before we got one good enough to use. We’re going to continue to flex our creative muscles. I’ve got plans y’all stay tuned.



Photography: Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duo Images.

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