We’re Wearing White After Labor Day!!!

Summer is fading away but I still wanted to share this look with you all. And I hesitated sharing this look for a micro second. I almost gave credence to the style rule about not wearing white after labor day. I mean is that a thing anymore. The growing consensus is NO! We don’t follow the rules around here anyway, right?!

Most people have no idea where this foolishness came from. Some say it came out of a cultural necessity to mark the change of the seasons with a change in our style of dress. The day after Labor Day than became the benchmark. The idea was that we were going back to business. It’s time to put the linen dresses and leisure suits of summer away. No need for shorts and sun dresses; school’s back in session and it’s back to the basics. Back to neutrals, grays, blacks, and browns. It’s time to Fall back, pun intended. Essentially ditching your white duds meant re-entry into normalcy.

Another theory is that it was an elitist way of separating “old money” from the “new money.” Back in the day only the wealthy had the means to travel abroad during the summer months. White linen and Panama hats were a staple of high society when traveling, just ask Melania… LOL. I had to guys sorry, not sorry. The idea was when folks saw you strutting around in white, they knew they came from money and were most likely on your way to somewhere exotic.





Here’s my advice, whatever the reason you’ve been told not to wear white after Labor Day, chuck it! The sun’s still shining and I’m here for all the looks!!! With that sad let’s get into these looks. My dress is a find from Red Dress Boutique . Oh how I love me a maxi dress. I immediately feel in love with this one. I love everything about this dress, the flirty cut-out at the mid-section. The Swiss dot pom-poms give it a playful feel. And the Guipure* lace gives the dress a real touch of elegance.

You can dress this stunner up or down. Either way prepare for non-stop compliments. I ordered a size small. I could have probably used a medium given my back fat, yes I have back fat. The zipper required a team effort to close. That’s literally my only compliant about this dress; not a whole lot of fat room.


Sanaa was also a vision in lace. I snagged her dress from Chicwish a long time ago. They have a beautiful collection of lace dresses. Last, but certainly not least, little miss Laila. Laila is styling and profiling in a frock I picked from H&M. Sadly it’s not available any longer, similar option here. Laila’s earrings are also from H&M, my earrings are from Bauble Bar.

Photography by the Kaneisha Johnson of Dynamic Duo Images.

Until next time loves…


*Guipure lace is a type of bobbin lace. It connects the motifs with bars or plaits rather than net or mesh. Guipure is a French word. It used to describe lace which has a gimp or thicker thread to outline the pattern.

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