Summer ain’t over but it’s definitely winding down. Is it me or is it already getting darker earlier?! I’m not ready for the dreariness that is the fall and winter months. I love me some sunshine! I definitely live in the wrong part of the world. New mission try and figure out how I can get closer to the equator. With the Amazon burning we all but doomed; just kidding… a little. You guys didn’t come here for all that, let’s get into this look already, am I right?!

trench coat with shorts vibe

trench coat with shorts vibe

As we make the transition to Fall I thought I’d give you a little bit of that confused California Girl with a trench coat with shorts vibe. Am I hot or am I cold?! I don’t know, I’m so confused…lol I kid, I kid. This is the conversation I imagine people have with themselves when they pair the two. In actuality we’re just in between seasons trying to make it werk right?! I’m gonna go with that.

trench coat with shorts vibe

When talks regarding the Hudson Yard project began I know a lot folks couldn’t imagine and didn’t want yet another group of sky scrappers in NYC. The end result however is quite breathtaking. The Vessel is one of thee most breathe taking features at Hudson Yard. You should definitely visit if you going to be in NYC and have some time to kill. The surrounding area has a great shopping mall and restaurants.

trench coat with shorts vibe

The Deets

Hat- Brixton

T-shirt- Gifted Apparel NYC

Trench Coat- Pretty Little Things

Shoes- Enzo Angolini

Sunnies- Gucci

Until next time guys…



13 thoughts on “SUMMER AINT OVER JUST YET! Part Three-The Vessel

  1. You wasnt burning up. This is a great fall outfit thogh trust me NYC will need that in only a few more weeks!

  2. I keep seeing pictures of this everywhere. I need to make it happen. Gotta take a trip this fall.

  3. Being that I live in NYC I’ve passed the Vessel many times. It’s certainly a great place for pics. My daughter loves to mix her seasonal clothing too. Boots with shorts, for example.

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