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Hey gang. I know I’ve been very neglectful, my sincere apologies. September was busy on the personal front. Distance learning started for my girls, nothing worked. It was very stressful the first two weeks. So our long overdue vacation was quite timely. I came back relaxed and ready to go but as fate would have it, Sanaa and I got sick, run of the mill cold for me, a bit more serious for Sanaa. But I’m glad to report we’re both right as rain.

The Style Hunt DMV

The Style Hunt DMV: photo meet-up and fashion show

September wasn’t a total bust. I was able to attend my first social gathering for DMV (D.C. Maryland Virginia) creatives hosted by The Style Hunt DMV; a photo meet-up and fashion show. The event was originally scheduled for a weekend in August but the weather was acting real 2020 and it decided to rain so the event was moved to a date in September.

The Style Hunt DMV

It was a crisp, sunshine filled, Fall day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The event started with some networking, then formal introductions and a fashion show. Everyone got an opportunity to strut their stuff on the grassy runway. I met so many talented creatives, doing amazing work. I’m always recharged and humbled when I go to events like this. You meet so many talented, hard-working, and truly gifted creatives it reminds to keep pushing forward and just how much talent is out there. Stay tuned for my podcast debut with the Conscious Kingdom, one of the great connections I made during the event.

The Style Hunt DMV

The event planners asked us to choose bright vibrant colors for our looks, I did not disappoint.

Naturally my first inclination was to buy something new, but the new me (the one trying to save a few coins) decided to just look in my closet and create a new look. Big surprise I found something worthy of the occasion. I remixed this Sarlea Mah original, adding a few well placed accessories (hat, earrings, nails, bracelets) and changed my hair style and voila, a whole new look. If you recall the top made it’s debut last Summer; this is the Fall remix. My plan was to wear this to my cousin’s wedding but Covid has delayed that event, so here we are. I just might remix it again, I don’t know, stay tuned.

The Style Hunt DMV
Skirt or pants, asking for a friend???

Photo credit goes to Kendrick Kaptures.

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