The Curl Calendar

I got 99 problems but a curl ain’t one…lol Hey gang I’ve literally been working on this one for a month. My girl Tangie (founder and CEO of the Curl Calendar) reached out to me to take the Curl Calendar for a test drive and I kindly obliged. I know what your thinking, “what’s a curl calendar?” Whelp it’s the newest tool to hit the natural haircare market; natural hair = free of any chemical straighter aka perm or relaxer. The premise is simple, it’s a wash day tracker/calendar. It helps you maintain your natural hair care regimen. As some of you may or may not know natural hair needs quite a bit of TLC. I know we make it look easy but a lot of time and effort goes in to maintaining our luscious locks. The Curl Calendar is the natural girl’s newest secret weapon.


The Before


I chronicled some of my journey over the past four weeks using the Curl Calendar. If you’re anything like me, you need an occasional reminder, even for something as simple as a shampoo. Haircare is a huge part of self-care especially for people on team natural. A wash and go ain’t really a wash and go, it’s a co-wash or shampoo, leave-in conditioner, add some oil to my scalp and hair, REAL-LIFE SITUATION. Like I said we make it look easy.

The Curl Calendar makes it a lot easier.

It provides distinctions between the types of washes and conditioning you’ve done for the week; which is extremely helpful. You avoid product build up with by marking each co-wash or conditioning. You can maintain a healthy scalp by simply checking the box on your last apple cider vinegar treatment. Putting the calendar into use is really easy as well. You adhere the calendar to any smooth surface preferably your bathroom or vanity mirror.

Enter your updates on the calendar with a dry erase marker (dry erase markers only); there’s even a notes section, which is pretty neat. It’s removeable so when it’s time to clean your mirror, it comes right off. There’s no glue involved, so no sticky mess to clean up. Placing it in a high traffic area where you’ll be sure to see it daily is the key. I placed mines on my bathroom mirror as photo graphed below. Watch the video provide by the Curl Calendar team below. It’s definitely an ad-value tool in my opinion. I’m looking forward to the launch. Follow them on Instagram and check out the website, the calendar will be available for purchase in 8 days!!!

The Curl Calendar

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