Hey gang! I hope everyone is hanging in there! I know this quarantine is wearing us all out. But rest assured this will all come to an end, one way or another. Take solace in knowing everything that has a beginning, has an end. During all of this I’ve tried to maintain some sense of normalcy. One of the things I’ve had to figure out is my HAIR. Natural girl hair (no chemical processes on hair, i.e. chemical relaxers or straightening agents) requires a bit of work. To be honest most days I don’t even bother but there is an occasional Zoom happy hour I try to look decent for. My newest go to look and protective style (styles that promote growth, low stress on hair shaft) is my drawstring ponytail extension from Heat Free Hair.


Heat Free Hair has been on my radar for a while. They were a featured vendor at a panel discussion organized by the black professional network at my firm. The discussion was about women of color and their hair journey in the professional setting; we dubbed it “My Hair Story”. Various women at the firm shared their “hair stories” with the audience via pre-recorded interviews. We then opened it up to the audience for a Q&A. It was a riveting, open, and refreshingly transparent conversation. Women of color have had to contend with a considerable amount of frustration and anxiety in the corporate world when it comes to the their hair.

I was so proud of my firm for supporting this event from creation to execution. It’s a very delicate subject but we were able to be authentic, vulnerable, and informative; we kinda nailed it if I do say so myself.

Heat Free Hair was on hand for it all. I admired their pieces from a far, for a while. I go through a lot of hairstyles so wasn’t quite ready to make the investment until recently, that is until we were put under quarantine. Life during quarantine had me looking for options, light bulb, Heat Free Hair to the rescue.

Can I just say I love my ponytail.

By comparison what I had before was a pigtail. I purchased the 18 inch everyday full, for Kurlies ponytail extension. It blends with my hair seamlessly. It was shipped very quickly. I did wash and condition it when it arrived. That’s not necessary under normal circumstances as it is pre-washed before shipping but we’re in strange times; better safe than sorry. This ponytail gives me all the effortless glam I could ever ask for. It’s totally worth every penny given the quality and the amount of use I’ll get out of it. It equates to four trips to the salon for me but I get to keep this and use it over and over again.

I’ve asked my stylist to move in on a number occasions, turns out she has a whole life she’d actually like to live without me, so selfish. This is my alternative to kidnapping. I highly recommend this ponytail. They are having a sale tomorrow, May 22, 2020 so definitely check them out.


So let’s getting these dresses. I fully intended on wearing the yellow dress (purchased at ASOS) to my cousin’s wedding. But due to Corona that had to be rescheduled. I still wanted to wear the dress…lol I have a problem, there isn’t a support group for it, I checked. Anyway, the dress is gorgeous but it’s cut super weird in the bust area, there’s absolutely no give. I ordered a size four, my normal size, but this joker would not zip up pass a certain point. I even had my team (husband and daughter) try to zip me up in there, no dice. So I had to send her back for a bigger size let’s hope a size six zips up. Buyer beware, size up ladies.

As they say on to the next!!!

This next dress fit like a glove and restored my confidence. With the first dress I thought to myself, have I let myself go and picked up a few extra pounds during this quarantine, nope. It was definitely the dress. Both dresses were purchased from ASOS, during one of their frequent 20% off sales. This dress is currently on SALE SALE and comes in plus sizes. While I may have single-handedly taken on the responsibility of stimulating the economy, I like to save a coin or two whenever possible, you should too!

This dress fit perfectly. I paired it with my favorite casual animal print sneakers so you guys can see how the dress looks dressed-down. This is how I’d wear it on my way to work. Once in the office the heels come out. I’d say this one fits true to size, definitely a must have in my opinion. It’s such a fun piece.

And when it’s time to relax the heels come off and the wine comes out!

That’s all I have folks. Thanks for stopping by…

Love ya… Mean it…



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