Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit

EVERYBODY Matters Swimsuit Edition 2020

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I couldn’t let the best month of the year pass without an everyBODY matters edit. Amanda and I are back at it in our mission to promote body positivity in fashion. Our category of choice for this one, swimsuits! Just so you know, you’re looking at 6 births and several C-sections between the two of us (3 for Amanda alone). Finding a swim suit that complimented our back fat, stretch marks, and some more stuff wasn’t easy. We wanted to celebrate all of that, however we still wanted to look fabulous doing it. I found the suits and Amanda was definitely the creative director for this shoot. She had the looks, the poses, and a shot plan. I think she might have knack for this guys.

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Rainbows and Sunshine
Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Tie Dye Fine Right here folks

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit + American Eagle High Waist Bottom

For the first time in IVN history, the pictures for this post are the result of a reshoot. That’s right we didn’t get it quite right the first time out. Neither one of us were happy with the way the pictures came out. The swimsuits we inititally chose weren’t as flattering when photographed. The poses, the light (or lack thereof), my back fat, our respective f.u.p.a.s (fat upper pubic area) just weren’t sitting right, so we scrapped the whole thing and said we can do better. And we did indeed do better, if I don’t say so myself.

We’re actually giving you two different looks. We swapped out the bikini bottom on the SheIn suit for a fuller coverage high-waist bottom by American Eagle. I wanted to give you guys oppositions. Of course we had to have tie dye because that’s Amanda’s latest obsession, I’ve reluctantly joined the band-wagon for this trend.

The Shein Top w/ the American Eagle High Waist Bottom

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit Top and Bikini brief Bottom

We had a lot of fun at this shoot even with Sanaa (my daughter) bossing us around, she took great pleasure in giving us “direction” as she put it. Check out my Instagram stories for the behind scenes on this shoot, we’re hilarious.

Shein Tie Dye Swimsuit
Feel free to use this as your out office for Labor Day…lol

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  1. Those two girls look like model material! Someone should definitely book them ASAP! I’m sure they will be coming to a magazine near you pretty soon!😘🥰😍

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