Make Her Size-Swimsuit Addition

As promised we’re keeping the Make Our Size edit going and this time around we’re doing swimwear. This one was a bit of a challenge, for obvious or not so obvious reasons. The challenge was finding a swimsuit that we both LIKED, complimented our figures and made us both feel pretty.

body positivity
body positivity
Hahaha who said size 2s have all the fun!!

If I’m being perfectly honest we didn’t meet the challenge in its entirety. We both loved the style of the swimsuit however when the suit arrived it wasn’t an ideal fit for Amanda. The suit is cut high in the thigh area; not ideal for childbearing hips and thighs. Fortunately Amanda is a gangsta and a genius, she suggested using body tape. That did the trick (for purposes of the shoot not real life, no one’s walking around with body tape on at the pool)!

However imagining the scene, Bubba (Amanda’s husband) and Amanda applying the tape is a visual that makes me laugh out loud, hard, repeatedly. I can hear Bubba with his Jamaican accent telling Amanda to be still, hold this here, and her trying not to be her naturally assertive (bossy) self and graciously accepting his help. See aren’t you laughing, pure comedy. I know you are.

body positivity

body positivity

Shout out to ASOS for carrying both our sizes!! I was low key in my feelings when it seemed like I wouldn’t find something fun and stylish for both of us. But ASOS came ALL the way through.


I also want to thank Amanda for being soooooo bomb!! For as long as I’ve known her she’s always been completely comfortable in her own skin. Maybe it’s a Brooklyn thing we’re comfortable everywhere; at least that’s how the saying goes…lol


But seriously a lot of people would have serious reservations about being photographed in a swimsuit next to my skinny butt. Who am I kidding, I’m no longer skinny, I’m semi-average size (the average size of American woman is 14-16)?!?! Most people would be apprehensive for fear of judgement and unfair comparisons and rightfully so because people will make judgements no matter what. But the key is not caring and being completely comfortable in your own skin. That my friends is being body positive!! Not subscribing to someone else’s standard of beauty and giving yourself a chance to be you; the best version of yourself.

Glistening… What a little bronzer won’t do or a lot in our case.

Take Care of Yourself

Please don’t misunderstand me, being healthy is absolutely essential and should be the standard at any size! High cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are major health concerns for women, especially women of color. So please take care of yourselves but don’t be afraid to be exactly who you are. If you were never a size 4 in your entire life, size 4 ain’t for you sis!!! Be the best size, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 you can be… steps off soapbox.

Yes we’ll have a sip in the sun if you don’t mind

Let’s talk about the wine we’re sipping. Disclaimer I’ve become a wino, but only on the sweet stuff. I don’t have what one might call a mature palette when it comes to wine. I like sweet and if it’s not sweet you can keep it! Call me low class, I truly do not care. I fell in love with the Liquid Popsicle red wine last summer. Needless to say I was over the moon when they came out with an entire line of fresh and fruity additions this summer; see the entire family pictured below. I should also add these wines may not be for the more discerning wine connoisseurs I know and love.

They are sweet and yummy just like I like I them.


Yes that says Momma Juice, not for the kids even if you put it in a sippy cup.

This wine has been a hit each and every time I’ve introduced it to someone, especially the Reds (the Red Rubilicious and Cherry flavors). It’s a great gift to bring to a BBQ, garden party, girls night in or out. It’s totally budget friendly and makes a great base for any red sangria. Here’s a link to a great sangria recipe, just insert a red from Liquid Popsicle and you’re golden. I subbed regular oranges for blood red oranges and used half the sugar the recipe recommends. You’re welcome and please drink responsibly!

So I’ve covered body positivity and a yummy summer wine (or all season for me) all in one post. I think I’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking, no?!

Until next time…



Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement. I’ve purchased all the items photographed with my own coins. I have not been paid to say nice things about any of the products featured. And with all adult beverages (adult beverage=21 years or older to drink); everything in moderation. Do not drink and drive, it’s the law. However there are no laws on parenting and drinking use discretion there. Additionally I am not admitting to putting any adult beverage into a sippy cup and drinking it. It’s something I heard people do.

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