Sure Shot…They’ll Ketchup…The Album

I’m very excited about this post for a several reasons. First, I get to do a feature on my friend who just happens to be one of DC’s dopiest lyricist, Sure Shot. Second, we shot the visuals for this feature at the Blind Whino Art Club; very cool spot. Much to my chagrin, it was my first visit.

The Blind Whino is currently featuring a Hip-Hop museum.  If you’re a Hip-Hop fan, you should stop by the museum, you’ll definitely enjoy the exhibits, collections, and art work. It was the obvious choice to shoot the visuals.


Sure Shot recently released his first solo project They’ll Ketchup, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get the low down on the new project. The connection, he and I share a best friend, my husband, and we’re both creatives. Sure Shot creates dope music and he has a sufficient amount of sauce on the fashion tip; probably the biggest reason I keep him around…lol And as you know I create amazing beauty and fashion looks.  Needless to say the shenanigans are endless when he’s around. We’re unpacking a whole lot stuff in this one, hurt, disappointment, struggle, and triumph.

Me: So how excited are you about your first solo project since the band dismantled (formerly with Flux 180)?

Sure Shot: I’m very excited (takes shot of whiskey)! First I want to thank them (Flux 180) for helping me along the way before I even started doing the other stuff (the solo project). Some of the stuff that I did on the album, I did with them so I definitely want to thank them. This is just something I had to do for me. I’m excited, super excited!! Everybody loves the music, it’s good energy music. There’s something for everybody, if you want to work out, if you want some positive energy, you need some motivation cause you’re on your grind… there’s something for everybody on the album.

Me: What was the inspiration for the album?

Sure Shot: If I’m being honest the album came from a place of anger and frustration, at first. We got to a point where the band dismantled and I was kind of left with nothing. I was really upset. Around the same time I lost my job, my girlfriend, it was a really rough time. So the album started out kind of dark, vengeful; I’m going to make it with or without you, kind of vibe. But to get off the negative, I thank God for giving me the wisdom to turn this around. So this album could be bigger than me, it would be for anyone going through something, going through the struggle, you know.

Me: I get it, totally.

Me: What track did you enjoy making the most?

Sure Shot: Probably Road to Success. Road to Success is the last song on the album and basically that’s the song explaining everything I went through with the band. And while we’re speaking on it, everything is cools with them, there’s absolutely no bad blood. I used that energy to push myself and hopefully help somebody else going through the same thing. Basically the song about the stages of success, basically you’re crawling, walking, you don’t know what you want to or where you want to go but some how you end up running and eventually sprinting towards your goals.

Me: How do you differentiate yourself as a lyricist from this new generation of artist? With all the mumble rappers and the trap stars? Do you even make that distinction?

Sure Shot: First I don’t “separate “myself from them at all, at one time I did but I don’t. I am a true purist at heart, a lyricist, I want to hear BARs,  I always want to hear BARs you know, Nas, Jay-Z , Biggie, that realm. When the mumble rappers came out I was like no, I don’t want go there. I felt like they were whack, there was no real word play, they aren’t taking their time to develop but I realized a lot of these new artist are pretty much kids, 16, 17 years old. We want them to be mature lyrically but it takes time to perfect your craft as an artist, as a lyricist. I had to ask myself what did I sound like at that age?

Me: Basically, you have to grow as an artist.

Sure Shot: Right.

Me: If and when it’s time to shoot the first video, what song will it be and why?

Sure Shot: Can I pick two? (Drinks more whiskey, we’re feeling good at this point)

Me: Sure you can pick two.

Sure Shot: I would probably pick “Cute in the Face”, because it’s a well know song in the DMV area. I think that would be really fun to make. The second would be, “Waiting for You.” It’s a love song, I actually wrote this with couples in mind. I wrote it based on some of the experiences I’ve had and witnessed, like you and my friend and how ya’ll caught each other… waited for each other. Ya’ll argue, get back, have fun, have a family, that’s the image I wanted out there…Love… Black Love.  

Me: So what’s next? The album is out, any tour dates, appearances?

Sure Shot: Yes I’m at the Apple Lounge on U Street each and every Tuesday. I’m hosting and performing my music there so you can come and see me there. I’m putting together a live show so stay tuned for the details on that. I can be reached via email, the link is in my bio on IG. My Snapchat is, I’m Her Type, (however he is in a relationship, that was pre-Pretty P), it’s sure_shot_bam on IG, and on FB SureShot. The music is streaming on all platforms… ITunes, Sound Cloud, Deezer, and Amazon! Go get it.

Me: Awesome!

Sure Shot: I just want to thank everyone who had anything to do with this project, all my friends, family, the band (Flux 180). And you for doing this feature. My mama, I dropped the album on my mama’s birthday as a tribute to her and all she’s done.

Me: You’re welcome and how sweet. I’m just happy to be able to use my platform to lift you up bro. Congrats and I wish you all the best.

The looks


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Sure Shot

Styled himself for the shoot, told ya’ll he got that sauce

Photo credit: Dynamic Duo Images

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