It’s our 3 year anniversary gang! This past year has been A LOT!!! Between you, me and the walls I didn’t wanted to throw in the towel on the blog, for a number of reasons. At the height of the pandemic it seemed silly, dare I say insensitive to post about fashion and fun when some many people were sick, suffering, and quite literally dying. So many people are still struggling just to make ends meet. However instead of throwing the baby in with the bath water I decided to pivot, because that’s what champions do they adjust.


people Jumping for Joy celebrating ivn turns 3
Jumping for joy!! IVN turns 3!!!

I’m so glad I made the decision not to quit, not to give up on my dreams, not to give up on the community we’ve built. The IVN community is small but thoroughly engaged, something you can’t find just anywhere. It’s really all about the engagement and adding value. It will be so cool to have big brand sponsorships and an enormous following on all my social media platforms one day, but having an attentive and engaged audience is what I’m most proud of and how I measure our success. You guys allow me to experiment and grow without being pigeon-hold to one genre or niche. At it’s core this blog is definitely about fashion but you all let me share everything and I appreciate that more than words can express.

woman leaning on a wall with red and green paint celebrating ivn turns 3

So what have I learned in the last three years? Less is more. Delivering quality content is of far greater value than churning out crap no one cares about. Authenticity is also key. Keeping up with all trends and challenges on social media can be exhausting, if you let it. Being your authentic self will get exactly where you want to be, your tribe will find you. And finally consistency above all else is the true differentiator.

two women acting like they're going to box

I struggle with this, if I’m being honest it’s my Achilles heel. Once I get truly regular routine down as far as IVN is concerned and stick to it, I’ll see the numbers and the growth I want, I’m sure of it. But that’s the rub isn’t it, it’s all on me! It’s pretty much a one woman show around here. Please don’t misunderstand me, this little tribe of ours gives me so much feedback as well as fun and creative ideas, however execution is a different story. I’m also a bit of control freak and a perfectionist, if it’s not exactly how I want, it wont happen. I’m a work on progress. Year three is in the books. Thanks for sticking around if you’ve been here for a while and welcome to the tribe if you’re new here!

The IVN Anniversary Shoot

The vibe for the shoot was relaxation. In the years past we’ve been a bit more formal, this year I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable. Nothing says comfort like tie dye. I styled the family in various tie dye pieces. Location is key, I couldn’t think of a better location than the Watermelon House. Absolutely nothing says summer like watermelons and tie dye.

Our Looks

My look: Old Navy top and shorts, White Leather High top Platform Converse

Laila’s Look: Tie Dye T-shirt (Gap) , High top Converse

two people showing their shoes

Rick’s Look: His closet he dressed himself, he didn’t like my picks… oh the drama of these shoots lol

person wearing white shirt and red shorts

Last but certainly not least, Sanaa’s Look: Dress Smstyle Loft, Sneakers my closet.

woman wearing multicolored dress celebrating ivn turns 3

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  1. Congrats Andrea on continuing the journey through IVN! So proud of you and you know I am always here for the photo shoot collabs!

    Love you to pieces😘


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