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Hey gang! I know the unofficial end of summer was last weekend but me and Amanda are still summering…lol Since we’re all about to be pumpkin spiced to death we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share our annual body positivity swimsuit shoot with you all.

two women at the poolside wearing the Matte Collection- Kai

In our latest installment of the everyBODY matters series, we’re wearing the Matte Collection’s Kai swimsuit. I’m rocking the white Kai-Cheetah print and Amanda is in the black Kai- Snake print. Why did I choose the Matte Collection for this year’s shoot, it should be pretty clear as to why, but I’ll go ahead state the obvious anyway, they make swimwear for everyBODY!!! The Matte Collection swimsuits are super affordable, comfortable, stylish, and just the right amount of sexy. Perfect for the ladies that want to give’em a little razzle dazzle on the beach or pool side.

IVN Approved

I have to be honest I wasn’t sure if the bikini side of the swimsuit would support our boobs, I’m happy to report the boobs stayed in place, no nip slips over here. It’s a high cut suit, so there is some riding up the rear-end but nothing out of the ordinary; it’s to be expected with this kind of suit. Matte Collection is IVN approved. So, with that said here are a few other brands that make swimsuits for real human woman.

Two women wearing the Matte Collection swimsuit

Eloquii(Plus Sizes Only)

Andrea Iyamah

Fashion to Figure (Plus Sizes Only)

Andie Swim

Nomads Swimwear

But it’s not just about swimsuits when it comes to body positivity. I’m thrilled to see bigger brands take this issue on head on. In fact Old Navy just did a thing, plus size clothing will be the same price as standard, there won’t be a special section in the store or online, everyBODY shops together. So I can walk into Old Navy with Amanda and she doesn’t have to go off into the plus size land in the back of the store to find the same dress or jeans. We’re shopping together, same space, same price… I know I know you don’t have to say it, mind blown right. So, it’s all apart of their #BODEQUALITY campaign. This is truly revolutionary and I’m glad Old Navy took the first real step towards body equality and positivity. So, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk…

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