Hey gang!! So, the past week has been a rollercoaster ride. Sanaa (my first born) graduated from high school last week and I’ve been running on all cylinders ever since. That day was definitely a proud momma moment, not to mention quite the fashion moment. We’re doing a whole blog post on graduation/prom later this week, stay tuned. I haven’t been able to catch my breathe. As, such, I’m tired, TIRED!! It seems like I just can’t get enough rest but such is the life of a working momma.


Also, can I tell you all how much I’m LOVING this Christopher John Rogers collaboration with Target. Mr. Rogers is the ‘it’ man in fashion right now, this collection could not be more timely. Meanwhile, under normal circumstances I could not afford a sleeve off of one his garments, it is a real treat to own something designed by him. However, that’s what I love about Target‘s collaborations with lux designers, it gives the everyday girl a chance to be glamorous without breaking the bank. The collection launched May 16th but I was in full blown vacation mode, celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary, so styling the dresses (yes I said dresses, stay tuned) I purchased from the collection had to wait. Sanaa’s Graduation followed shortly thereafter so I had zero time, but better late than never, right?!

The signature piece in this collection is the floral, multi-tiered, ruffle mini dress. So, this dress was the was perfect piece for my latest installment in my EVERY-BODY matters series. Amanda and I are making our spring debut in STYLE, hunt-tee!!! Target’s collaborations have consistently included sizes ranging from 2-22, they did not disappoint this time around. Also, Amanda’s a size 12, I’m a size 4 and the dress looks amazing on both of us… IVN approved!!!

two women in the park wearing CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROGERS X TARGET

I absolutely love this frock. It’s exceptionally well made (no real surprise there), seemingly heavy weight, but surprisingly breathable given the material. One minor design flaw (on Amanda’s dress) the zipper would not cooperate at the last layer of ruffles. Other than that this dress was utter perfection. I wore the dress to Sanaa’s graduation, which was held at a football stadium, in the scorching sun. I survived and didn’t sweat out my silk press… breathable lol


Funny story the day we shot this look, a very friendly cicada mistook me for an actual plant. Cicadas mate on tree branches and plants. Cicadas have invaded the DMV area and are in full blown mating season. Apparently the floral design of the dress was a perfect perch for any male on the prowl. Several cicadas landed on my dress throughout the shoot. One very bold cicada decided to take residence on my shoulder, belting out the most other worldly mating call in my ear. Needless to say panic and hysteria ensued. I was traumatized for the rest the shoot, for the rest of the day if I’m being honest. But I soldiered on because, well I have a fashion blog to run and we need looks. It would seem Mr. Rogers is way too good at his job lol.

I styled this dress two different ways (style tip: mini dresses can double as tops). Honestly I loved both looks but I’ll let you be the judge.



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