IVN x SHE Media Partner Network

Happy Fri-yay!!! Big news gang, IVN has joined the SHE Media Partner Network!!! The SHE Media family uses it media muscle to take baby bloggers like myself to the next level. They help brands build, scale, and grow into media powerhouses. This is truly an honor as they don’t accept just anyone into the network, so I must be doing something right.

So how did all of this come to fruition? I recently attended the BlogHer Biz conference in Brooklyn, NY. BlogHer is a part oft he SHE Media family. I’ve been a huge fan of the BlogHer platform for sometime. When they announced they would be doing an in-person conference this year, I knew I had to be there. I registered for the conference to secure my seat at the table. I also applied for the scholarship they offered and as luck would have it, I was selected. Watch the replay here. I made the highlight reel on their IG page too; pats self on the back. It does pay to be well dressed, just saying.

IVN x SHE Media Partner Network

The conference was everything, it surpassed any expectations I had. I met some of my biggest sheros in the fashion and business world. Claire Sulmers- CEO, Editor in Chief, and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily (FBD) was one of the this year’s VOTY spotlights. The VOTY spotlight is one of BlogHer’s newest ways of giving content creators their flowers for the contributions to the industry. Claire’s story resonates with me on so many levels. She’s a native New York, her family hails from the same Caribbean island as mine, the Bahamas, and probably the most impressive fact about Ms. Sulmers is that she built her media empire from the ground up, see a snippet of acceptance speech below. I literally visit FBD’s IG page or website daily. It was literal thrill to see her live and in-person. I can only dream of the level of success she’s achieved.

When you create your own lane

Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter

Another highlight for me was meeting Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter (beauty brand). The Carol’s Daughter origin story is the stuff Brooklyn dreams are made of. Lisa started Carol’s Daughter in her kitchen, in Brooklyn, NYC. She is a true hometown hero for me. I’ve been using Carol’s Daughter since I was a teenager. She was the first person to make products for black woman’s hair that actually worked and most importantly she was able to build and scale her business in to an industry juggernaut. She’s what you call an OG in the game, she literally paved they way for the Mielle’s and Pattern‘s of the world. Meeting Lisa (yes we’re on a first name basis now, not really but for the sake of my ego let’s pretend) was definitely, oh she’s real, moment for me.

Lisa and I have a bit of history. In 2019 my firm (Ersnt & Young) had the vision and courage to sponsor a series of panel discussions. My HairStory- about hair, specifically Black Women’s hair and it and we are perceived and often scrutinized in corporate America. The discussions came off the heels of new legislation that passed in NYC. In NYC The Crown Act prohibits race-based hair discrimination. However, there is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including braids, locs, twists or bantu knots.

My Role

As the communications chair for the Black Professional Network I was tasked with finding experts and/or industry leaders on the subject. Lisa was the first person I reached out to. While friends of friends knew her professionally, no one I knew, knew her or team well enough to make the introduction so I could make the ask. Short story short, I slid into her DMs, it really goes down in the DMs…lol

Her social media team got back to me within hours. We arranged for Lisa to record video to address our audience. Her schedule simply wouldn’t allow her to attend in-person. I was truly grateful to her for even taking the time to record the video. She made me look like a real rock-star.

I kinda stalked her right after her panel. So, I could give her a proper thank you for her contribution to our event so many years ago. She was was everything I could have hoped for, gracious, attentive, encouraging, just a real person. It was definitely a day for record books. I made so many new friends and connections. The whole event felt like a real turning point for me, confirmation I’m on the right track and validation I deserve a seat at the table. I’m truly excited about the future, barring any worldwide pandemics or any other catastrophes, 2022 should be a banner year for IVN.

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