Da Republic of Brooklyn!!!

So how does one incorporate your home town, love of all things polka dot, a super comfy summer/fall transition look and bunch of unruly balloons into one post?! Like this…

summer to fall transition look

Summer to Fall Transition Look

So many people are trying to end summer prematurely; these people are sad and unfortunate souls who need a hug.

Summer to Fall Transition Look

Don’t fret I’m not letting the haters get me down. I’m bringing all kinds of, it’s still very much summer, but fall is around the corner vibes with this one. See I’m having oodles of fun trying to control these wayward balloons. I did have a little too much fun on the swings.

Summer to Fall Transition Look Summer to Fall Transition Look Summer to Fall Transition Look

If you follow my Instagram you know I had to incorporate my polka dot Converse into a look at some point.

I love these sneakers for several obvious reasons, first the POLKA DOTS, duh. Second they give me a little height with the platform heel. I’m what they call fun sized, height challenged, petite; I’m short ladies and gents. I come in at a whopping 5′ 3″. If you’re fun sized like me and want a little height or just like Converse you can shop the kicks, here.

You know I had to have this sweatshirt. BROOKLYN, sprawled across just about anything is a must have for me so when I walked into J Crew and laid eyes on this, it was pretty much a wrap; shop the sweat shirt here. Layer this sweatshirt with your favorite button down and issa look or wear it solo! I layered it with one of my favorite polka dot button down’s to give you an idea what you can do with this for fall.

The skirt is the headliner of the show, for several reasons.

First and foremost it’s on the clearance rack at J Crew (in-store on the clearance rack and discounted online), winning!!! I start every shopping expedition at the clearance rack (when I dare enter a store) make no mistake I’m balling on a budget folks.

Second the color is a must have for the season, LILAC!!! And third it’s a midi/maxi (fits like a maxi for the height challenged) so it’s crazy versatile. Take a look at how I wore it to work after the photo shoot, here.

Summer to Fall Transition Look

This skirt swishes when you twirl in it and yes for the record I twirled in it several times. It’s also extremely versatile in my humble opinion. You can wear it to work, the beach, school play, the options are endless, if you know what your doing (we know what we’re doing right ;-). It fits true to size and it also comes in Navy, so run, don’t walk to J Crew for this one, because it is sure to sell out soon, shop the skirt here.

The accessories, watch and bracelets are super old but you can shop similar options here: bracelet here and the watch here. You  you can shop the necklace here.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Translation: If you make a purchase via the link provided, lil mama makes a few coins.

Until next time ladybugs…



Photo credit goes to the ladies at Dynamic Duo Images. Everybody needs a Kaneisha  in their lives, get you a Kaneisha, reliable, resourceful, patient and willing to work with a sista on a budget.

15 thoughts on “Da Republic of Brooklyn!!!

  1. So dope! I love every detail. Each piece can be worn separately in a different way ❤️👌🏽

  2. I laughed when I read “So many people are trying to end summer prematurely; these people are sad and unfortunate souls who need a hug”. I love summer and I’m not ready for it to end. I love your pictures you look so happy and carefree.

  3. Love the outfit. I would rock the sneakers and I have a friend from Brooklyn that needs this sweatshirt. Perfect gift idea.

  4. i love the first look so quirky and cute. The polka dots at the bottom of the sneakers was the icing on the cake for me!

  5. I think your outfit is so cute and fun. I love the way you have your hair braided. Overall very lovely!

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