A few people have asked me why Sanaa (my eldest daughter) hasn’t got a feature yet, well that’s mostly because she’s a budding track star. She spends most of the year running around in circles…lol When we launched It’s Very Necessary she was off running. But she was finally able to fit me into her busy schedule, so here she is all her glory (channeling her inner 2 Chainz), my little track star!

Jimmy Jazz Athleisure

With almost everything I do, I like to look good doing it, even if I’m sitting on the side lines cheering my big head baby on. Full disclosure I’m a total track mom fraud. I only do mild weather events, if it’s over 80 degrees out you probably won’t see me. But my husband is the real super star, he’s at almost every event and sometimes practice. I fundraise. Begging for money can be a chore as well; yes I feel the judging from here or it might just be in my head. In all seriousness I don’t feel an ounce of guilt not voluntarily baking in the sun; NOT ONE OUNCE!!

Jimmy Jazz Athleisure

About the outfits. Well we’re both sporting Adidas head to toe, well almost, Sanaa is rocking Converse Chucks. I found my outfit at our local Jimmy Jazz. Jimmy Jazz is my go to for most of my Athleisure and/or “Streetwear”. Jimmy Jazz has come a long way I remember when they were exclusively a “New York” thing, kudos on the expansion over the years.

Let’s be clear about a few things I’m not a fitness nut, I just like fitness gear…lol But seriously health is wealth and it’s important we make the time to get a few workouts in during the course of the week. And as for this ensemble, it was an immediate yes! First it’s a style trend bull’s eye, palm leaves are so on trend, second the color combo was right up my alley, and most importantly the price was right! Shop the top here and the leggings here.

Let’s just say the struggle is real. It’s kind of sad my kid has a six pack and I don’t, wait no it isn’t, she didn’t have two WHOLE children and can still see her toes over her belly. I’m good, I’m good, well this is what I like to tell myself as I see a muffin top begin to form…sigh

We stayed with the tropical them for Sanaa’s outfit.

How cute are these exotic animals, parrots, zebras, and fish! It was the perfect compliment to my palm leaves. I can’t take all the credit my favorite photographer actually found it for me, thanks Nesh! You can shop her top here and the leggings here.

adidas wearadidas wear

I had a lot of fun with this shoot. It’s our first Ath-leisure post, there are many more to come, I got to shoot it with my Sanaa, and finally I got to work with my childhood friend Ed Kirkland. From the Stuy (Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn) to Maryland we Brooklyn-nites always find each other some how; “Comfortable Everywhere”, as the saying goes. First let me just say Ed is hilarious, always has been, but he’s also professional, talented, and patient (yup, you guessed it I was late). Find him on IG, his work speaks for itself, Shutter To Think.  I’m so happy he decided to pick up the camera and go for it. Now I have two dope photographers to drive crazy.

Until next time ladybugs…

Peace and love,


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