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Kimberly Goldson X Janie and Jack

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It’s not a big secret we are huge fans of the Harlem Fashion Row X Janie and Jack collaborations featuring Kim Goldson. The latest drop from our faves definitely did not disappoint. I know Janie and Jack is on the pricier side of the aisle, but totally worth it for several reasons:

  1. Quality- Theses garments are well made. They’re designed for wear and tear; hopefully not too much tear. When the time comes, these pieces can be passed down to a younger sibling, cousin, or family friend; still in mint-condition.
  2. Discounts- There’s a always sale going on, you just have to catch it. I rarely full price for anything.
  3. Style- These pieces are expertly curated and designed. My Laila doesn’t get excited about too much, but she loved the pieces we received from the last two collections and that’s saying a lot for a 12 year old girl… #picky

Steps down from soapbox…

We needed to do a festive Fall look and we’re been long overdue for a Mommy & Me look. My sister-in-law Julie (photographed below) suggested we take my nephew Jaxxon to a local farm for some outdoor fun while visiting my mom in North Carolina. Boom two birds with one stone, festive fall look meets Mommy & Me awesomeness. We also took some pictures of Jaxxon and Julie. I love candid photos they tell the story and you don’t have to say a word; somebody’s a mama’s boy who has an affinity for Superman.

I know my Jaxx is a looker, but let’s get back to the reason we came, Laila and Andrea cuteness.

We styled Laila in the graphic hoodie and the wide leg sweats for this look. The look wouldn’t be complete without some Jay’s (Retro Air Jordan 11’s low). I’m in a ruffle dress from my closet, an oldie but goodie. I can’t tell you where I got it. What do know, I couldn’t be out done when it came to the sneakers. I paired the dress with a pair of Air Jordan 1’s, the velvet finish elevates my look just a bit. Both pairs of sneakers are from my personal collection of Air Jordans. It’s a new (scary) day when you’re 12 year-old daughter can fit your shoes, ya’ll pray for me. And there you have it folks, the cutest Mommy & Me look for the season thus far. You’re welcome!!

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