HELLO 2020

This is my last blog post for the year. The last post for the decade, if you can believe that!! It will be 2020 in just a few hours. I know I’m not alone when I say, how in the heck did we get here?! My life has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We bought a house, got married and I gave birth to one of the most amazing humans in the world (Laila); not necessarily in that order. I continue to fall deeper in love with my amazing husband. I’ve also been blessed to watch my oldest daughter (Sanaa) turn into a little woman; despite my best efforts. I would like my baby back, please and thank you.

2020 Plans

I won’t begin to speculate on what will happen in the decade to come. We plan but God laughs. I sincerely hope and pray it brings about real peace and happiness for everyone I know and love. One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to keep bringing you guys style, beauty, fashion and a little bit of laughter. I want to thank you all for supporting IVN. Your feedback, encouragement, and support keeps us going. I’m looking forward to the New Year! We have big plans for 2020, so stay tuned. On that note here are a few looks to take you into the New Year and beyond.

Is That Velvet?!

Believe it or not, this dress was a gift from my cousin’s closet. For some odd reason she didn’t want it anymore and I immediately said yes to the dress, pun intended. One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure. You can find something similar here.

plans for 2020plans for 2020

One Shoulder Boulder

I love everything about this one-shoulder maxi dress. The bold color contrast, the dramatic puff sleeve; it just gives me so much life. You can pick this beauty up at ASOS. The earrings shoes and bag are oldies but goodies from my closet.

Yaura One Shoulder Contrast gown

Go Green for 2020

Last but certainly not least is this faux leather gift from the fashion Gawds! Another ASOS find. Yards of fabric but cut perfectly so they’ll remember your name. If you plan on painting the town red you’ll be nice and toasty in this piece.


See you guys in 2020…



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  1. Love your blog posts Andrea! Thank you for showing us ladies how we can capture style even if someone else can’t see the vision at first!

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