Where did you get those sneakers???

PSA-I love sneakers!!! If you’re new around here get the memo, I’m a certified sneakerhead. Air Jordan’s have a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. We’d be here all day if we got into them all but I’ll direct you to this blog post for the backstory. Just know I’m living my out my childhood dreams of owning countless, rare, fun, and interesting sneakers, aka kicks aka tennis shoes aka gym shoes; choose a name I love them.

This post features several pairs of sneakers I purchased via established resale companies Stadium Goods, Stock- X and KicksCrew. This is an informative post on the sneaker resale game, so do read until the end. The hottest sneakers sell out in minutes via normal channels, Nike.com, Eastbay, Footlocker, etc. Thanks to bots and other opportunists in the sneaker world most of us get left out in the cold on these releases, especially when it comes to the rare releases; i.e. the Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Dunky’s. I can’t even post a picture I’m so heart broken over not getting these sneakers 🙁

Ben & Jerry’s the iconic ice cream company collaborated with Nike to create a sneaker ya’ll, a sneaker!!. I’m still in my feelings about that release a year later. Companies like Stadium Goods, Stock-X and KicksCrew, resale high-end, hard to get, sneakers, they are angels on Earth, depending on who you ask. For some they are both the problem and solution. The exorbitant resale prices on rare releases are problematic for some, but the option to have a rare pair of kicks is a non-issue for a die hard sneakerhead. Today we’re doing a review on all three of the aforementioned.



Earlier I used the phrase “established resale” company, because there are a lot of unscrupulous people praying on desperate sneaker lovers with fake and/or non-existent products. KicksCrew has gotten a bad wrap for their lack of communication but I’m not one to fret over not getting an email that it’s being processed or that it will be shipping soon.

KicksCrew provides an order confirmation and shipping confirmation, tracking information is obviously included. Were there a few days in between both emails, yes. Was my order delivered in a timely manner and with care, yes. The company is based overseas so there is a time zone issue (Hong Kong based) which may account for the delayed response time. If you’re the anxious type don’t use KicksCrew. I had a great experience using their service to find the beauties below; yes I matched my sneakers with my nails. KicksCrew gets the IVN seal of approval.

Shipping Speed: A

Quality & Authenticity: A

Communication: B


StockX is another resale company I’ve used. It is live/bid ask marketplace primarily for hot release sneakers, they do sale other items but I’m only here the for the sneakers. You make a bid on a product and/or buy the product at it’s StockX is probably one of the most reputable resale platforms in the game. I discovered StockX when I missed out on the Jordan 6 Retro Aleali May release. It literally sold out in seconds. I was crushed and needed to find these sneakers. StockX came to my rescue. They do resale sneakers in mint condition, which means they literally have to be next to new and worth something on the market; and there is a market my friends. They communicate at every step, order confirmation, pre-shipping, shipping, tracking, etc. Their costumer service team is also very responsive. StockX also gets the IVN seal of approval.

Shipping speed: A

Quality & Authenticity: A+

Communication: A

Stadium Goods

Last but certainly but not lease I give you Stadium Goods. Stadium Goods differs from StockX in that it is a consignment marketplace, similar to KicksCrew. The price you pay for goods is determined by the consignor but they work with the seller to come to a price. However most sellers know what the market can yield and price their merchandise accordingly. I purchased the Air Jordan Retro 5’s- What The from Stadium Goods, aptly dubbed What The because the sneakers are two different colors, on purpose. It was another smooth transaction with Stadium Goods, a pleasant experience overall. The shipping was super fast, the sneakers came earlier than expected. Stadium Goods also gets the IVN seal of approval.

Shipping Speed: A+

Quality & Authenticity: A+

Communication: A

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