Hey gang, it’s May, we’re still on lockdown but there’s so much to be grateful for. Here are few things I’m looking forward to…

My wedding anniversary!!!

This year marks nine years of martial bliss. Marriage isn’t easy but it’s totally worth it. It’s a lot of loving, give and take, conceding, arguing about stupid stuff, forgiving one another after you’ve had some time to cool off about said stupid stuff. And sometimes, sadly, it’s about grieving together. My father-in-law passed away last week. It caught us all off guard. He’s survived so much so we didn’t expect he would pass away so suddenly, nor did we know he was so ill.

I’m heartbroken for my husband, his siblings, and step-mother. Just going to the funeral will present an extra layer of anxiety due to travel restrictions. You can’t even grieve normally anymore. I think we can all agree Corona sucks. I had plans to make this a special anniversary celebration, now I want to make it extra special. Despite enduring such a great loss, it’s also gives us an opportunity to take stock of what we have and be GRATEFUL for what we have, each other.

Cinco De Mayo.

Mexican culture is one of my favorites. The food, the people, the music, it’s all a wonderful assault on the senses and I’m here for it all. And let’s face it we could all use a shot of Tequila at this point. I’m making shrimp tacos with The Funny Momma tonight you should join her Instagram live if you’re free, this woman cracks me up for reals. Grateful for her and the margaritas we finna mix up. Just an FYI Sombreros, tequila, and tacos have nothing to do with the purpose of Cinco De Mayo, see a funny and condensed history lesson here. You’re welcome!

Last but certainly not least it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Hence my especially studious look for this post. I’m channeling chic nerd here but I digress, this about the teachers. I am especially thankful for my first teachers, my parents. They both have/had an incredible work ethic; moms retired, dad can’t seem to sit still. They both showed us how far hard work and a little dedication can go, for that I will be eternally grateful.

Teacher Appreciation Week Chic Nerd Vibes
Studious or Nah???

Big news I’m running a Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway on my Instagram page. Like the post, follow me, Omneisia of Ocessories, and tag your favorite teacher for a chance for them to win this set of Ocessories beaded bracelets and an Amazon gift card. Visit my feed to see complete details.

Angela Scott- Oxfords- Mr Smith

But this week is about the educators who are being asked to do more than anyone could have imagined. They have been asked to learn new technical skills, try to keep a group of children engaged for hours at a time, all from a distance. That’s almost impossible in real life. And don’t get me started on the parents that are also teachers. I can’t imagine walking a mile in their shoes even I was wearing my cuter than cute oxfords; no worries we’re going to get into the details on this soon shortly. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week but we always make it Fashion, on IVN!! This is a salute to them and all the essential workers out there doing everyday things under extraordinary circumstances.

Teacher Appreciation Week but make it Fashion- Introducing The Mr. Smith, from the Office of Angela Scott

I couldn’t think of a better way to create a studious, I mean business, but I’ll give you a hug if you really need it look, a glam teacher look. So I unboxed my brand new oxfords by Angela Scott for this look. Ladies and gents meet the Mr. Smith!! Angela Scott’s mission is to create shoes for women who mean business. So featuring these shoes seemed more than appropriate since so many of you are women who mean business.

I’ve had my eyes on these babies for a better part of a year. I couldn’t resist when this color way came out, baby blue, white AND a metallic strip that looks silver but reflects gold; STYLE GOLD, PUN INTENDED, LOL!!! The price tag was a bit of a deterrent but I stumbled upon a promo code and the rest is as they say history. These shoes fit true to size I’m a 7.5, normal width. I highly recommend a pair of these shoes. They are stylish, comfortable, and designed by an amazing team of women.

These eyelet hemmed pants from the Loft were obviously sent by the fashion gawds, who am I to ignore divine inspiration?! These pants matched perfectly! The white tuxedo button down just made sense. It’s a party up top and down low. And of course I’m rocking my Ocessories beaded bracelets, it’s combo of the May collection, Vision x Mother XO! I haven’t achieved this level of cute in a while mostly because there hasn’t been anyone to see it. I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy the rest of your week.

Fist bumps and Wakanda Forever Salutes…



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